Trump Campaign Concocts Joe Biden Nickname Ahead Of 2020 Race In New Report

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Donald Trump once called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and that’s a name that stuck around. So when the Trump campaign started to toy around with nicknames for their possible opponents in the 2020 race, Joe Biden’s name popped up.

The New York Post reports that Trump’s team is “hard at work” finding just the right nicknames to “torment his 2020 rivals.” With Joe Biden slated to make his decision by January on whether he’ll run or not, the Trump team has a few ideas what they might call the former vice president.

The Trump campaign is playing off all the attention Biden gathered for his tendency to touch and even kiss strangers, as well as his staff. One of these incidents made headline news a few years back when it was seen on a televised event.

It was during the swearing-in ceremony of Ashton Carter as the nation’s secretary of defense in 2015 that Biden caused jaws to drop. While Carter gave his speech, his wife Stephanie Carter stood off to the side of her husband.

Joe Biden stood behind Stephanie and put his hands on her shoulders while he whispered something in he ear. The look on Stephanie’s face seemed to indicate she was uncomfortable.

That image was captured in a screenshot and it instantly lit up the social media sites. It also made headlines and was seen on TV news.

This wasn’t the first time Biden behaved this way. The month before the Stephanie Carter incident, Biden was “hands-on” as new senators were sworn in.

According to Washington Examiner back in 2015, Biden’s actions were dismissed as “Biden being Biden” by some, while others saw this as “creepy.” Still, others called him “handsy Joe.”

With that said, it looks like the Trump campaign has a frontrunner when it comes to a nickname for Joe Biden – “Creepy Joe.” It also looks like Trump gave this possible Biden nickname a trial run in October when he was at a Nevada rally.

While discussing Biden at the rally Trump told the crowd that he calls Joe Biden “1 percent.” This refers to Biden’s previous lack of support for presidential bids, according to Trump. The president then told the crowd that Biden “never had more than 1 percent.”

Next Trump told the crowd, “So we call him either Sleepy Joe or 1 percent.” Then Trump asked the crowd which name is better? Someone gave a shout-out from the audience, which Trump said he overheard. The president then shared with the audience the name that was shouted out. He said someone yelled “Creepy Joe” as a possibility.

It looks like that name has gained some steam online lately as “it’s been a popular go-to for online critics of Biden,” according to the New York Post. Even Donald Trump Jr. used the name online when linking a story of Biden. This was after the former vice president allegedly called Trump supporters “dregs of society.”

Don Jr. wrote, “We are all used to Creepy Joe saying stupid stuff but this is too far even for him.”

Is “Creepy Joe” going to stick? If Joe Biden does throw his hat in the ring, there’s a good chance the nickname “Creepy Joe” will emerge from his opponents.