Queen Elizabeth Sends Sympathies To California Wildfire Victims, As Meghan Markle’s Home State Battles Flames

Sean Gallup / Sandy Huffaker / StringerGetty Images

It’s not often that Queen Elizabeth II comments on the happenings in the United States, but the devastating wildfires in California have prompted her to issue a formal statement offering her sympathies, detailed People.

“Prince Philip and I offer our deepest sympathies to the people of California, who continue to suffer from the devastating fires across the state. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims, and to all those who have lost their homes and livelihoods. I pay tribute to the courage and dedication of the US emergency services and the volunteers that have provided support.”

Notably, Meghan Markle is from California. Her first home that she lived in was in Woodland Hills, which residents feared could be ruined by the Woolsey fire, detailed the Daily Express.

The details of the destruction are still unclear, considering that the fires have yet to be completely contained. The Camp Fire in Northern California has killed at least 71 people, according to the latest reports, with over 1,011 missing people. It’s also destroyed 146,000 acres of land, including 9,844 homes and 336 commercial buildings. Over 2,000 other buildings have also been destroyed as a result of the fire.

The Woolsey Fire, which is in Southern California, has wreaked its own havoc. Three people have been killed, and over 98,362 acres have been destroyed, along with 836 buildings.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump saw the devastation in Paradise on Saturday, reported CNN. The worst fire in the state’s history has wiped out most of Paradise, and the people who escaped with their lives are now in temporary shelters and even Walmart parking lots.


For example, a YouTube channel called Storage Auction Pirate has been offering livestreams of the camp being set up in a Chico Walmart parking lot. The woman in the video has been pleading with the public for help, including asking the city’s mayor to please return their messages.

Volunteers have taken it upon themselves to accept donations and sort them, as one video showed a huge area of donated clothing that was sorted by size. At the time when she asked passersby what they needed most, some responded that they would like more information about what is happening. They said that not everyone has phone or internet access, so a community TV would be helpful.

It’s hard to know what, if anything, the city will be doing to help the displaced families. As the weather takes a turn for the worse as winter approaches, it’ll be important to find a way to help people who have no choice but to live in their cars.