November 16, 2018
Tucker Carlson Explodes At Guest, Threatens To Throw Him Off Show

Fox News host Tucker Carlson exploded at his guest, liberal political commentator Chris Hahn, in an interview broadcast on Friday, after Hahn pointed out that Jesus would be against Donald Trump's border wall, which Tucker Carlson appears to be advocating for as well.

Hahn confronted Tucker Carlson, according to Raw Story, about the discrepancies that appear to exist between what the Fox News host -- a self-identified Episcopalian -- and other religious conservatives believe, and the teachings of the church and Jesus Christ.

Hahn quoted Bible verses to Carlson, which appears to have immensely offended the host.

"I know that you're aware of it but I don't know that you believe it. That's what it says, Tucker," Hahn said, prompting Carlson to threaten to throw Hahn off the show.

"I'm trying not to end this interview right now because I'm getting offended," Tucker said.

"I'm wondering if you understand the extent to which you're playing with fire — introducing religious faith, appropriating someone else's religious faith, by the way, to a conversation about public policy."
The brief, albeit heated exchange between Tucker Carlson and Chris Hahn is reminiscent of Fox News' pre-midterm coverage, which some have described as fear mongering, of the supposed migrant "caravan" approaching the southern United States border.

For instance, an analysis by the Wrap found that news of a migrant caravan traveling through Mexico, amplified by Donald Trump's tweeting, appears to have disappeared from the news cycle almost entirely. According to the analysis, the word "caravan" was spoken 1,202 times on Fox News in the week leading up to the election. Seven days after the midterms, however, the same word was spoken only 203 times.

Hahn's effort to point out the discrepancies between the teachings of Jesus Christ and Tucker Carlson's beliefs was not the first time someone has used religious teachings as a vehicle to condemn Donald Trump's actions. In June this year, for instance, a slew of American faith leaders condemned Trump's child separation policy, according to NPR.

"Jesus would not have voted for Donald Trump," country music star Jason Isbell argued in a September interview with the Guardian, joining the choir of those who cite their faith as reason to oppose Trump and his policies. Jesus, according to Isbell, would not have voted for Trump, because the "whole point of Christianity" is to behave as the Son of God would have behaved.

Tucker Carlson, an Episcopalian, is currently facing bigger issues than the alleged discrepancies between his beliefs and the teachings of the Episcopal church. The Fox News host's name has been occupying the headlines of U.S. and international media following reports that an Antifa group had gathered around his home, accusing Carlson of promoting white supremacy and threatening to harm his family, according to USA Today.