Michelle Obama Shares With Jimmy Kimmel Things She Couldn’t Say As First Lady

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Former first lady Michelle Obama spent eight years living in the White House, making sure she only said and did things that would reflect well upon her husband, former President Barack Obama, and the rest of the family. But now that she is no longer in that seat, she is free to do and say whatever she pleases. Well, as far as Jimmy Kimmel is concerned anyway.

As reported by ET Online, Michelle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, and the television personality gave her a number of cards to read out, with mostly funny statements that would have caused absolute scandal had she said any of them while still the first lady.

He started her off with an easy one.

“I’ve never eaten a vegetable.”

Anyone who has ever heard Michelle speak knows that she is incredibly health conscious, and she quickly confirmed that she has eaten plenty of vegetables over the 54-year span of her life.

Then Kimmel had her supposedly confess that “the entire eight years we were in the White House, we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password” to raucous laughter from the audience. She tacked on, “Laura, sorry, send me the bill.”

The next card suggested Michelle couldn’t tell her two daughters apart.

“You know, they agree. They get so mad every time I mess their names up. I’m like, ‘Who are you?'” Michelle laughed.

The final card seemed to draw the most laughter from the watching crowd, as the prim and proper former first lady read out, “Clooney is my freebie!”

Michelle also shared how different her family is now that they are no longer living in the White House and with the focus of the world’s attention turned away from them for the first time in nearly a decade.

“Truthfully we’re boring. We have a teenager at home and she makes us feel inadequate every day, so our self esteem is low.”

And while many have been hopeful that the former first lady will announce a presidential run in the future, she assured the audience that she has no intention of ever getting involved in politics again.

“Barack keeps those people away from me,” she said of campaign managers and leaders. “I’ve never had any serious conversations with anyone about it because it’s not something I’m interested in or would ever do, ever.”

She was also quick to add that neither of her daughters, 20-year-old Malia and 17-year-old Sasha, will ever be making a bid for the Oval Office. While the rest of the family is content to be away from the political world, the one member of the family who had made himself quite comfortable on the White House lawns was the family dog Bo.

“He’s an odd dog. Barack, he criticizes Bo a little bit because he is odd. He has an aloofness to him. It’s almost sort of like, ‘Don’t touch me. I am Bo, don’t you know who I am?’ When they were at home, they were mommy’s dogs, but if they were working with the fellas they would ignore me. It’s just sort of like, ‘Mom, don’t touch me. I’m at work. I’m busy.'”