Donald Trump Says NBC, ABC, And CBS Are All ‘Fake News’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Donald Trump gave a lengthy interview to the Daily Caller recently, sharing his thoughts on a wide range of topics that include acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and the ratings bump that he personally gave to cable TV.

In the interview, he also shared his personal thoughts on the news. In the past, Donald Trump has referred to “the failing” New York Times, and has called out CNN as fake news more than once.

Currently, Trump is embroiled in a battle with CNN regarding White House reporter Jim Acosta. Last week, Acosta and Trump exchanged some heated questions and responses at an official press conference. Trump attempted to move on to another reporter, but Acosta refused to relent and asked another question.

When a White House intern attempted to take the microphone from Acosta, it sparked a national debate. After the press conference, the White House stripped Acosta of his credentials and effectively barred him from returning. Through White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, the White House says Acosta put his hands on the intern.

Conflicting video evidence has both refuted and backed up the White House claim. CNN subsequently filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump, demanding that Acosta’s credentials be reinstated. This drama is still being played out.

But according to his interview, there are several other networks that Donald Trump also categorizes as “fake news.”

In comments printed by Vox, Donald Trump shared his thoughts on the “big three” major networks: NBC, CBS, and ABC.


“A lot of the animosity that we have in our country is because of fake news. They’re so angry at the news. They get it. You guys are at my rallies all the time, you see the anger when I mention the words ‘fake news’ and they turn around. And they use CNN because they — it just sort of works for them, I guess,” Trump told the Daily Caller.

“But it’s ABC, it’s — NBC is maybe worse than anybody. I mean, NBC’s a total fraud as far as I’m concerned. Their news is disgusting. But I think NBC is as bad as anybody. You look at — and CBS — you look at what’s going on with the fake news and the people get it,” Trump said.

It’s well-known that Donald Trump watches Fox News, and has called in to various shows on the network to share his thoughts. It has also been reported that Donald Trump maintains a close relationship with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, and the two speak on the phone frequently.

Donald Trump’s interview with the Daily Caller took place on Wednesday in the Oval Office. A complete transcript of the interview is available on their website.