Josh Duggar Running ‘Shady’ Car Business, Reports ‘Radar Online’

The former star of 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar, was accused of running a “shady” business in his home state of Arkansas, according to Radar Online.

Duggar allegedly has been managing a used car lot called Wholesale Motorcars in Washington County, Arkansas, ever since leaving his a job in Washington D.C. as part of the conservative Family Research Council.

Duggar resigned from his job at the Council in 2015, after news broke that he molested five minors — including two of his sisters — in his Arkansas home when he was just 13 years old.

He later attended a conservative religious treatment center for his issues, which included an addiction to porn. He also admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar. The couple has since reconciled.

Radar Online has learned that Duggar was found in violation of an ordinance requiring his business to have a permit.

“We have one zoning designation in the county to allow single-family residential or agricultural uses,” a planning official in Washington County allegedly Radar Online.

“Anything else requires a conditional use permit to request a zoning change.”

The Washington County official reportedly confirmed to Radar Online that the county’s fire marshal allegedly alerted authorities of Josh’s unlawful activity of failing to have a permit. What this means is that the former reality star opened up a business without telling anyone.

There were allegedly three 90-day notices sent to Duggar, telling him, per the Radar Online story, that it was time to “come into compliance.”

The media outlet reported that on November 1, Duggar’s representative attended a planning commission meeting to resolve the issue, the planning official explained.

Some of the compliance issues with Duggar’s business were his failure to show the address of the business on its building and entrance, failure to have a smoke detector in its office, a missing fire lane, and failing to maintain a minimum 20-foot driveway.

Josh Duggar has been noticeably absent from the family’s series Counting On. Their prior show for TLC, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled after Duggar’s behavior was leaked in a tabloid report. His wife, Anna Duggar, has been featured on Counting On with their children — but Josh has not. He has been seen sporadically in the background, but he does not speak on-camera.

Josh and Anna Duggar are parents to five children; Michael, Mason, Mackynzie, Marcus, and Meredith.

They have been married since 2008. Theirs was a small wedding in Duggar terms — only 300 people were invited.

Jill Duggar’s guest list numbered around 2,000. Jessa Duggar had about 1,000 people in attendance. Jinger Duggar counted “almost 1,000” attendees. Joy-Anna Duggar printed exactly 1,002 programs for her wedding, according to In Touch, Joseph Duggar had about 1,000 guests — and John-David Duggar’s recent nuptials had a guest list that was about 1,000 people long as well.

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