Oregon Same-Sex Couple Denied Wedding Cake Accepts Duff Goldman’s Offer

Gresham, OR — A lesbian couple that was denied a wedding cake by a local bakery has accepted an offer from Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman.

Goldman, after hearing that Sweet Cakes by Melissa co-owner Aaron Klein refused to make a cake for the couple because they are gay, contacted the Huffington Post and offered to bake the couple a unique cake completely free of charge. Friday, the couple accepted the offer, but with a caveat. The couple already bought a wedding cake from Pastrygirl in Southeast Portland and wanted to honor their commitment to the bakery, so they requested something different from Goldman. The couple said in a statement:

“We have humbly asked Mr. Goldman and Charm City Cakes to prepare a bride’s cake for us in place of a traditional groom’s cake. We are grateful to both bakeries for being a part of making our wedding day incredibly special.”

According to The Oregonian, the state attorney general’s office is reviewing a complaint filed against Sweet Cakes by Laurel Bowman on January 18. The complaint alleged that Klein refused a cake order by Bowman’s fiancée. Under state law, it is a violation for a business to deny “full and equal accomodations” for ustomers based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation.

Klein said the bakery sells to a customers of all orientations, but doesn’t bake cakes for gay couples because it goes against their Christian faith. He denied that he called the couple an “abomination unto the Lord.” Klein also said the bakery has recently seen a boom in business despite the controversy.