Carrie Underwood Reveals Gender of Her Baby During The 2018 CMA Awards

Previously, Carrie Underwood had said she wouldn’t be announcing the sex of her unborn baby. However, she then went ahead and surprised fans at the CMA Awards anyway.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carrie Underwood had been hesitant to tell her CMA Awards co-host, Brad Paisley, the sex of her baby since he had previously “accidentally” leaked that information. In 2014, Carrie had told her longtime friend the sex of her first baby. He then went on to reveal this information during the broadcast of that year’s CMA Awards.

“I think she’s taking great pains to not tell me!” Brad Paisley said about Carrie not revealing the sex of her child to him this time around.

However, while Carrie Underwood was hesitant to tell Brad off-air what the sex of her unborn child was, she returned the favor and let the gender slip on-air during the CMA Awards.

Brad Paisley had made a quip about his previous slip up before Carrie made her stunning announcement, according to Taste of Country.

“Remember last time when I accidentally revealed the gender of your baby? Tonight we’re going to reveal something even more exciting — who your baby’s father is!”

Not wanting to let the issue slide, once that joke had died down, Paisley pressed on further in his effort to find out the sex of Carrie’s unborn child.

“Johnny or June,” Brad asked, using famous country singers as a reference point.

“Keith or Nicole? Garth or Trisha? Tim or Faith? Waylon or Willie?”

Carrie Underwood finally gave in after that and blurted out the news.

“Oh my gosh, Willie!” she exclaimed, referring to country music legend Willie Nelson. “It’s a Willie!”

Thanks to that gender reveal, fans know that Carrie is expecting another boy with her husband, Mike Fisher. This will be the second child — and second son — for the pair. Their first boy, Isaiah, will turn four on February 27.

Brad responded to the sudden announcement by declaring that fans should get the hashtag #CarrieBlewIt trending on Twitter. This is a throwback to his 2014 gaffe when the hashtag #BradBlewIt started trending after his slip up.

While news of Carrie Underwood expecting a second son is exciting, as Country Living points out, this may not actually be an official announcement.

Previously, Carrie Underwood made the announcement that she was pregnant with her second child on August 8. This also happened to be on the same day that she revealed her 2019 Cry Pretty Tour 360.

Since then, fans have been eagerly watching her blooming baby bump. While Carrie hasn’t announced when her due date is for her second child, she has disclosed that she will “have some time to get back in shape” before her tour launches in May of next year.

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