Liam Hemsworth Shares ‘Heartbreaking’ Photos Of His Malibu Home, Destroyed By Wildfire

Mario TamaGetty Images

As deadly wildfires continue to spread through California, many celebrities have had to evacuate their homes. In some cases, their houses have been completely destroyed. This is the case for actor Liam Hemsworth, reported E! News.

On Tuesday, the Hollywood star revealed that his Malibu home had burned down, taking to Twitter to post photos of the devastation and expressing his hope and gratitude for the Malibu community.

“It’s been a heartbreaking few days. This is what’s left of my house. Love. Many people in Malibu and surrounding areas in California have lost their homes also and my heart goes out to everyone who was affected by these fires… I spent the day in Malibu yesterday and it was amazing to see the community pulling together to help each other out in any way they can. Malibu is a strong community and this event is only going to make it stronger.”

In a follow-up post, the actor thanked the firefighters working day and night to stop the spreading fires, and expressed his love for all of those affected. He ended the post with, “It’s going to be a journey to rebuild. Stay strong all.”

The $2.5 million four-bedroom home that burned down in Malibu belonged to Hemsworth and his fiancée, Miley Cyrus. The singer-actress also took to social media to share with her followers how the experience had affected her. Fortunately, Cyrus was out of the country — far from the fires — but she expressed her gratitude that her fiancé and pets all made it out safely. She added that she was grateful for everything that she still had left, and sent her love to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Both Hemsworth and Cyrus also urged their fans to donate to various charities assisting people affected by the fires. The Malibu Foundation and the Happy Hippy Foundation were two of the charities which they suggested.

Another celebrity that lost their home in the wildfire was actor Gerard Butler. He posted a photo of himself in front of the charred remnants of his home and truck, writing in the caption that he returned home after being forced to evacuate. Similar to Hemsworth, Butler described the situation as “heartbreaking,” and expressed his gratitude for those working hard to fight the fires.

On Tuesday, the BBC reported that the Camp Fire blaze was the deadliest and most destructive in California’s history. The death toll is currently at 42, with 228 people missing. The Woolsey fire in the southern part of the state has taken the lives of two people, and has destroyed most of Malibu.