Michelle Obama Shares Her Thoughts On 2020 Presidential Election, Has No Interest In Running Herself

Former first lady Michelle Obama has been dabbling in some new activities since her and her husband, former President Barack Obama, have left the White House — including writing her new memoir Becoming, which was released today. But there’s one thing she’s sure she’ll never be interested in — going back to the the famous Washington, D.C. abode with the title of president in front of her own name.

“No, no, no,” Obama asserted to Good Morning America host Robin Roberts during a live interview in the first lady’s home city of Chicago this morning.

Roberts acknowledged that Mrs. Obama has made it “abundantly clear” that she has no desire to return to public service “like that,” but then asked the newly published author about her feelings on the potential presidential campaign of another famous former first lady — Hilary Clinton.

“I think, at this point, everybody’s qualified and everyone should run,” Michelle answered, receiving laughs from her audience. “I might even tap Sasha!”

Roberts attempted to coax Mrs. Obama into taking a dig at Trump, asking if her answer meant she believed anybody would be better than the nation’s current president, to which Obama laughed and jokingly accused Roberts, saying “You went there!”

“Where I’m at right now is that we should see anybody who feels the passion to get in this race, we need them in there,” Obama explained on a more serious note. “I think the process will play itself out. I haven’t really been paying attention and looking at the candidates. I think there’s just a lot of noise and talk, but it’s still pretty early. Let’s see who wants to roll up their sleeves and get in the race. That’s what the primary process is for.”

One thing the former first lady does hope for the election is that the candidates — whoever they are — treat each other with respect.

“I don’t want people in either party tearing each other up to get the nomination. I’m going to be looking to see who handles themselves and each other with dignity and respect so that by the time people get to the general, people aren’t beat up and battered.”

Ultimately, Mrs. Obama shared that she believes the Democratic nomination is open to “any and everybody who has the courage to step up and serve.”

Michelle Obama is currently in Chicago to kick off her book tour, as she opined that there was “no better place” to get started. She will appear at the United Center tonight, where she will sit down with Oprah to discuss her new memoir.