Nicki Minaj Reveals What Inspired Her Flirty Michael B. Jordan Shoutout At The People’s Choice Awards

Carlos AlvarezGetty Images

Nicki Minaj dominated the awards — and stole the show with some offhand comments — at the 2018 People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, according to reports from E! Online.

Minaj put on a performance that showed that the rapper hasn’t lost a step, as Tyga joined her for their hit collaboration “Dip.” She also walked home with the awards for Female Artist of 2018, and Album of 2018 for Queen. As she accepted her award for Female Artist of 2018, Minaj gave an off the cuff acceptance speech where she thanked Donatella Versace for the custom-made dress that she wore to the event, before mentioning Michael B. Jordan in an unexpectedly flirty shout out.

Minaj drew cheers from the crowd — and uproarious laughter from host Jimmy Fallon who was standing behind her — when Minaj said, “And shout-out to Michael B. Jordan cause he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight.”

Minaj’s comments raised a lot of rumors and speculation as to a potential relationship between the two entertainers. In a backstage interview conducted moments after Minaj made her comment, she clarified her remarks.

Minaj told E! News when she was asked if the pair was an item, “No. I think he introduced himself to me one time, I believe at the Met Gala.”

Minaj went on to explain why Jordan was dominating her thoughts during her acceptance speech, saying, “I was watching Black Panther last night, so he was just… happened to be fresh in my mind.”

When Minaj was accepting the award for Album of 2018, the rapper gave another viral shout out to a celebrity, this time Kim Kardashian.

According to a report by People, Minaj was completely enamored by Kardashian’s look during the show — and took the opportunity to send Kim some compliments as she took the stage for her acceptance speech.

Minaj said in her acceptance speech, “Shout out to all the queens around the world that are maybe not at the place that they want to be in their lives but the fact that you are pushing and you’re not being lazy and you’re not complaining, but you’re going for your dream everyday, shout out to you… And also oh yeah! I want to shout out, I’m going to dedicate this award to Kim Kardashian’s a** in that dress tonight.”

Kardashian attended the event for her family members Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kendall Jenne. She was seen at the award ceremony while wearing a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sheer striped bodycon dress.