French Army Trolls Trump After No-Show At WWI Commemoration

There has been a lot of talk over the past few days about President Donald Trump’s decision to skip a memorial service in France that he was slated to attend, and now the French army seems to be having a little fun at the president’s expense. Trump reportedly skipped the event due to the weather and the French army’s Twitter page is pointing out that they aren’t intimidated by a little rain, seemingly a bit of trolling aimed toward Trump.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, President Donald Trump stayed at his hotel in Paris, France, on Saturday afternoon rather than attend the memorial service held to honor fallen American soldiers from World War I. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron still attended a memorial together that they had scheduled, as did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Now, as Business Insider shares, it looks as if the French are taking a dig at the American president via their army’s official Twitter page. Early Monday morning, a post went up on the page showing a soldier doing military exercises in the rain. The French caption noted that they remain motivated even in the rain.

Of course, the tweet didn’t mention Trump by name or specifically reference the weekend’s controversial decision to skip the memorial service due to the rain. However, it certainly appeared to be an attempt to mock the American leader for his decision to stay at the hotel rather than head out in the rain. The post drew plenty of attention from those who felt certain it was trolling the American president and people were quick to add plenty of memes and additional comments mocking the president and praising the army’s tweet in response.

As Metro details, Twitter was filled with others mocking the situation over the course of the weekend. Many shared a video of Trudeau from a past event when he stood in the pouring rain and gave a powerful memorial speech, and there are numerous examples of former President Barack Obama in similar situations.

Posts were also shared across Twitter showing the weather that afternoon, noting that it didn’t seem all that rainy. The administration stated that sending the president by motorcade would have tied up traffic for hours, and they claimed that visibility was an issue so it was unsafe for Trump to fly via helicopter as was originally planned. Chief of Staff General John Kelly and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joe Dunford attended in Trump’s place.

President Donald Trump has returned to the United States and moved on to other topics already. However, it doesn’t look as if Americans and others around the world are quite done mocking the president for skipping out on a core component of why he supposedly made the trip to France.

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