Pete Davidson Is Insulted By Dan Crenshaw On ‘SNL’ After Failed Joke About His Eye Patch

Things have been a little rough for comedian Pete Davidson. As if it weren’t enough that he had just suffered a very public break-up from ex-fiancee, Ariana Grande, he came under fire for a misguided remark about political candidate and veteran, Dan Crenshaw, described the Inquisitr. The slip-up happened as Davidson was shown photos of candidates and gave his first impressions on Saturday Night Live.

“This guy is kind of cool — Dan Crenshaw. You may be surprised he’s a congressional candidate for Texas and not a hit-man in a porno movie. I’m sorry. I know he lost his eye in war — or whatever.”

Many people became very offended at Pete’s comments. But Crenshaw, instead of egging on the haters, questioned the current culture of demanding apologies, according to People.

“I want us to get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks. I think that would be very healthy for our nation to go in that direction. We don’t need to be outwardly outraged. I don’t need to demand apologies from them. They can do whatever they want, you know. They are feeling the heat from around the country right now, and that’s fine.”

But that didn’t mean that SNL was feeling good about the incident. In fact, Keenan Thompson said that the show would be correcting the wrong somehow. And it turns out, that the best way to address the issue was to have Crenshaw on the show. This time, he would be the one insulting Davidson, who made a public apology for his joke that went awry. It all started with Dan accepting the apology, but then joked with Pete as his phone started ringing with an Ariana Grande ringtone.

“I feel like, it would only be fair if you got me back and made fun of a picture of me. Does that sound okay?” Pete said on the show.

“I don’t really need to do that,” Crenshaw replied, to which Pete said, “No come on, I deserve i–” as Dan interrupted and conceded, “Okay.”

Here are the insults that Crenshaw hurled at Davidson.

“This is Pete Davidson. He looks like if the meth from Breaking Bad was a person.”

“He looks like a troll doll with a tapeworm.”

“He looks like Martin Short in the Santa Claus movie. And by the one, one of these people are good on SNL.”

And from the looks of the reactions of fans on Twitter, it looks like the newer jokes are going over much better with the masses. Many people congratulated the show for finding a creative, and comical way to address a serious issue. Plus, Pete took all of the insults like a champ, and didn’t allow himself to stop smiling during the segment.

Meanwhile, Dan has a reason to celebrate, as he won the election for his Texas congressional bid. An opinion piece by the Washington Post also noted that Crenshaw thought that the SNL debacle may have had a part in helping him win. After all, many people believe that bad publicity is good publicity. And in Crenshaw’s case, it wasn’t so much bad publicity toward him.

Plus, Crenshaw reacted in a mature way, which might have helped his voters get to know him better. The SNL controversy was also known nation-wide, not just in the state of Texas, so many voters may have been encouraged to look more into his congressional bid after hearing of the demeaning joke.

Whatever the case, it looks like Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson are “even” for now. Fans can only hope that Davidson has learned his lessons about joking about veterans.