A Disabled Man Walks From Honduras To The US To Escape Poverty And Violence

Spencer PlattGettyImages

Issac Peralta suffers from a disability that has never been properly diagnosed. It affects his legs, knees, and feet, and makes walking painful and difficult. No amount of pain, however, was enough to keep him from carrying on along his journey for a better life. As if a journey of this length would not be strenuous enough, it is made harder for Peralta, who must frequently take breaks to rest his sore body. He utilizes a long stick as a makeshift crutch to help hold himself up.

According to BBC News, Peralta is one of thousands among a caravan of migrants from Central America who are fleeing to the U.S. border. Their home nations are ravaged by violence and poverty and this voyage is their last option to make it out alive.

The trip will take a massive toll on the travelers physically along with all the money they have left. Even still, when they finally reach the border, they have little way of knowing what to expect. President Trump has made moves toward banning undocumented migrants from entering the United States anywhere besides a designated port of entry. The Pentagon has sent thousands of troops to meet the caravan at the border.

Peralta has been traveling for a month now and has faced enormous obstacles along the way. Still he remains persistent. He says that his dream of a better life and faith in God gives him strength.

“In our country, Honduras, there is nothing good. Only the rich can live well there. Poor and disabled people like us can’t do anything. They won’t employ us. We are cast aside. We’re left in our homes with nothing to do. Yet, we have to eat, we need clothes, shoes. How can we pay for those things with no work? We’ve struggled, we’ve left our homes with the goal of reaching the US. That’s the aim. We’re getting there step by step. It’s tough going but no one said this would be easy.”

Although he has manged to travel over a thousand miles on foot, he still has a long distance to go before even nearing the border. He has been separated with many of his travel companions along the way. Once he reaches the U.S., he hopes to make contact with a niece living in New York. One day, he hopes to be able to share his story of perseverance despite all odds with his young nephews.