'Survivor' Castaway Elizabeth Olson Dishes On 'Devastating' Tribal Council

Trisha Faulkner

Castaways of Survivor: David vs. Goliath were elated to learn they had made it to the merge this week. Unfortunately, this episode also marked the end of the game for yet another castaway.

Warning: The rest contains spoilers for this week's episode.

Elizabeth Olson became the first post-merge victim of Survivor 37 when her fellow castaways voted to unanimously evict her from the tribe despite the massive amount of drama she attempted to stir up during tribal council in one final attempt to save herself.

Unfortunately for the former David tribe, this merge couldn't have come at a worse time as they were already outnumbered by former Goliath members. Unless something dramatic changes to shift the gameplay, viewers could see the Davids get picked off one by one as the tribe remains Goliath strong.

Prior to tribal council, former members of the Goliath tribe made it clear it was just a matter of which David they decided to pick off first.

In one final attempt to save her skin, Elizabeth revealed during tribal council that Angelina – who had already been rubbing people the wrong way – came to her in confidence to tell her the Goliaths planned on voting her out.

Elizabeth, however, didn't see it as a moment of "human compassion" that Angelina claimed it to be. For the most part, it didn't seem as if other members of the Goliath tribe did either. Most believed Angelina was attempting to snag a jury vote and it could have been a move that costs her the game in the next couple weeks.

According to Elizabeth, a huge factor in her decision not to blow things up prior to tribal council was time. There wasn't enough time between Angelina confronting her and them leaving for tribal. So, she brought it up before the vote because it was the only choice she had. She also admitted that she still wasn't clear on what the plans were because some had her convinced they were still voting for Dan.

The former castaway also revealed there was a point during tribal council when it became clear she was 100 percent going home because even former David members – such as Carl – didn't want to talk strategy with her anymore. Elizabeth said she believed she had a small chance of staying – because of how annoyed members of Goliath like Alison were – until she spoke to Carl.

"I felt like probably at one point — especially with the angst form Alison; Alison was really pissed that Angelina was working the jury already, which got a lot of people riled up — that it may have been a 55 percent to 45 percent chance that Angelina was going home. But when I got back around talking to Carl, my shot went down to about 5 percent," she elaborated.