Big Bear Lockdown: ‘Where Is Dorner?’ Answered With Fresh Tracks

Big Bear, CA – The Big Bear lockdown answers the question, “Where is Dorner?”, that everyone is asking.

The Big Bear Mountain Resort area near Los Angeles is under lockdown after police found a burned out truck belonging to Christopher Dorner. “Fresh tracks” in the snow near the ski resort led to the Big Bear lockdown being instituted during the massive manhunt for Dorner.

According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities believe the tracks found near Christopher Dorner’s truck belong to the fugitive, and with Big Bear on lockdown SWAT teams are in the process of combing the area. As a precaution, Police One says the local Big Bear schools have been placed on lockdown effective 12:30 PM according to Assistant Superintended Walter Con:

“We don’t believe there is an immediate danger; we do this as a precaution for the safety of our students and staff. We don’t know the duration of the lock down and will post information to our website and Facebook as we get updates on the situation.”

The Sugar Loaf and Big Bear ski resorts were evacuated Thursday while SWAT teams searched the areas for Christopher Dorner. While schools in the area will maintain the Big Bear lockdown, the ski resorts are scheduled to be open as usual today, Friday.

Laura Richard, who lives in Sugar Loaf and whose children all attend Bear Valley schools, told Mercury News that she feels it’s the right choice for the Big Bear school district to make:

“I wasn’t going to send them today, anyway. There’s just too much uncertainty. What if he decides to target kids all of a sudden? They’d be easy targets.”

The heavy snow conditions stopped helicopters from searching. It’s possible that Christopher Dorner may be lost in these icy conditions and that he’ll never be found.

Do you you think the schools are right to maintain the Big Bear lockdown while the ski resorts remain open during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner?

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