Rev. Jesse Jackson To Dorner: ‘Please Stop’

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has a plea to Christopher Dorner: “Please stop.”

Jackson has joined other public figures in calling on the accused cop killer to end his rampage of revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department that fired him. Jackson even offered to take in Dorner himself to ensure a safe surrender, CBS Los Angeles noted.

“Absolutely,” Jackson said. “I’ll do whatever I can do.”

Jackson’s message to Dorner to “please stop” came through a public statement made on Tuesday, but has gained more media attention as the manhunt for the accused cop killer intensified throughout the week.

Jackson said:

“Apparently you have been wounded by your past experiences of what you have stated in losing your job. I understand your feelings of being hurt.”

“I’m making a plea to you to stop spreading the pain, the hurt and the fear. Please stop (sic) don’t take anymore (sic) lives.”

Dorner is wanted for killing an Irvine couple on February 3 and shooting two Riverside police officers on Thursday, killing one. Before going on the alleged killing spree, Dorner posted a 27-page manifesto to Facebook outlining his reasons and promising to harm as many officers as possible.

Dorner believes he was unfairly fired after reporting one of his fellow officers who kicked a schizophrenic person.

Jackson’s plea to Dorner to “please stop” is partly a way to help save the man’s life, the reverend said.

“There’ll be a chance for him to make his case if he’s alive in the proper venue, but not somewhere holed up shooting and being shot,” Jackson said. “I understand what he’s saying, but I don’t want to address that now.”

You can read the entire letter from Jackson to Dorner and the plea to “please stop” here.

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