Soccer Star Eric Wynalda Watched On Live TV Coverage As California Wildfire Destroyed His Home

A. Messerschmidt/MLSGetty Images

Eric Wynalda, a retired soccer player, watched his house burn to the ground on live television, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports

“Gone,” Wynalda said of his home. “Brutal … Watched it burn on live TV.”

As the Tribune reports, Wynalda’s home fell victim to a large blaze that’s being called the Woolsey fire and it’s been leaving huge amounts of destruction in its wake. The fire’s intensity has been amplified by 70 mph Santa Ana winds. Thousands of homes had to be evacuated so that lives could be saved.

Wynalda said that his wife and children fled their home when they received the alert to evacuate. He stayed back to pack some additional belongings until a fireball from the fire landed near to his home.

“Two cops were there, screaming: ‘You need to leave now. You need to leave … NOW,’ ” Wynalda added.

Although the loss of a home is devastating, Wynalda later expressed gratitude that his family is safe and sound.

“We lost our home but we are safe. You can rebuild homes, replace belongings, you can’t replace life,” he wrote on Twitter. “Count your blessings folks- I am.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, The Kardashian-Wests had to be evacuated from their home and that flames were seen on their $20 million property in Calabasas.

On Thursday night, Kim took to Instagram to report that she had to flee her home because of the Woolsey fire. In her Instagram stories, she revealed that she only had one hour after arriving home to grab some of her things and evacuate. From the safety of her private jet, Kim shared aerial shots of the devastation.

Kanye later tweeted that he and his family were safe.

Kim also tweeted her gratitude to the firefighters risking their lives to keep the fire at bay.

According to Variety, the mansion that’s used as the set for The Bachelor has been destroyed by the Woolsey fire. The current season is being filmed right now, but the production team/cast was not working at the mansion at the time.

The Bachelor mansion is in the Agoura Hills, but that’s just one of the popular filming spots destroyed by the fire ripping through California. Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hill also burned down. The location has been the set of Weeds, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Westworld.

Unfortunately, the California wildfires have claimed lives as well as property. The Inquisitr reported that five people in Northern California have died as they tried to evacuate. Their remains were found in vehicles and their severe burns meant that they could not be immediately identified. The county sheriff’s office confirmed that autopsies will be conducted.