‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad & Stefan Make A Shocking Deal To Betray Abigail

Chris HastonNBC

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Marci Miller) will continue to fight back against being committed to a mental hospital against her will. However, her fight will be in vain, as she’ll eventually end up back in the very place which she hates.

According to a recent report by Soap Dirt, Days of our Lives fans know that Abigail has been through the ringer this year. She’s suffered from a split personality disorder, murdered her brother-in-law, Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), and gotten pregnant with her second child — a baby that she believes was fathered by her husband Chad DiMera’s (Billy Flynn) brother, Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher).

After all of that, the drama still hasn’t stopped for Abby, whose former best friend — Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) — has been busy trying to ruin her life as part of a revenge plan. Now, Chad and Abigail’s mother, Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves), believes that she should go back to the mental hospital where she was previously held.

Abby wants nothing to do with the facility, and knows that she is not going crazy again. Abigail has been trying to tell her family members that her behavior is all due to the fact that Gabi is setting her up — but they don’t believe her. Abby was forced to go to extreme measures after Chad and Jen tried to have her committed again, and ended her marriage to Chad in order to marry Stefan.

Chad will go to great lengths to save Abby from Stefan, and will eventually kidnap her to get her away from his devilish brother. While the pair are in hiding, Abigail will go into labor. She will welcome a baby girl, whom she names Charlotte. Days of our Lives fans will later watch as Abigail is betrayed by both Stefan and Chad.

After realizing that Gabi is behind the whole mess with Abigail, Stefan will threaten to call the police. However, Gabi makes it clear that — if he does so — this will drive Chad and Abby back together, ruining his chances of ever being with Abigail. Just when it looks like Gabi is getting her way, Chad calls his brother with a very tempting offer.

The two will work together to have Abigail committed against her will. Days of our Lives fans will see Abby be taken to the hospital after giving birth. While there, she is strapped to the bed to be transported to the mental hospital when Chad hands over the baby girl that she just delivered.

It looks like Chad will make a deal with Stefan that sends Abby to the facility, and gives Stefan the baby girl, which he believes to be his own.

Days of our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.