Teresa Giudice May Ask Donald Trump For Help With Husband Joe’s Deportation

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Teresa Giudice may have a card up her sleeve as she seeks to appeal the court decision that will see her husband Joe deported back to Italy, according to a report from Entertainment Tonight.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host asked the 46-year-old Real Housewives of New Jersey star about her experience working with President Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice in 2012. As the conversation continued, Cohen asked Teresa if she had thought about using her relationship with the president to seek out a pardon for her husband Joe Giudice.

Teresa answered the question by saying, “No, I haven’t, but I would love to speak to him if he wants to talk to me. If he wants to speak to me, I would love to talk to him.”

Cohen responded, “I think he’s got other things to do. I’m saying, I think it would take you reaching out to him.”

Teresa left the door open for the president to step in, saying, “I mean, you know, we’ll see what happens.”

The Giudice family is currently stuck in limbo as they wait for their appeal against Joe’s deportation to Italy to reach its conclusion. While she is willing to go to any length to keep Joe in the United States, Theresa made it clear that she would not think about the decision to relocate her family to Italy or remain without her spouse in America if things don’t work out.

It’s a sentiment that Teresa had previously shared in an interview in October with Entertainment Tonight when she gave her first televised interview following the decision to deport Joe, refusing to speak about any future that didn’t include her husband in the United States.

Teresa said on the show, “We are not even thinking about [whether we’d move to Italy] right now. We’re going to take it day by day. We’re going to take it one step at a time. First, we’re going to process the paperwork to do an appeal, and we’re going to get through that.”

Teresa also made it clear that there is no way that she would divorce her husband, who she shares four daughters with, even if he is deported back to Italy. Giudice also insinuated that Joe’s legal situation may have come about due to her celebrity status.

Teresa said in the interview, “I don’t think my family would be going through this if I wasn’t in the spotlight.”