Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Run Rampant After Current Video Has Fans Buzzing

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The relationship between Anna Duggar and her controversial husband Josh is supposedly still going strong. She has stuck by his side, despite his involvement with the Ashley Madison mess and his infidelity. The mom of five has even been posting a handful of videos and photos with her family, including Josh. One particular video has set off those pregnancy rumors once again.

John David Duggar just married his fiance, Abbie Grace Burnett, and that means more video congrats from their families have been posted on the Duggar Family website. Among them is a clip of Anna and Josh standing in front of the camera sending out their love and best wishes for the happy couple. However, it is not what they said that has many fans buzzing, but the thought of another baby on the way for them.

Anna Duggar is seen wearing a pretty flowery dress to her brother-in-law’s wedding. The dress seems to make it look like she could be expecting baby number six, which has fans on Instagram asking if she really is pregnant. While some Duggar fans reprimanded them for asking such a rude question, it still seems to be on their minds as to whether she really is expecting and not letting the cat out of the bag just yet.

The video has Josh Duggar speaking first, wishing the newly wedded couple a happy life together. Anna is right there beside him as well. Her husband expressed their happiness for them.

“We are so excited for John and Abbie on their wedding day and just so excited to see what God has in store for them as they start their new life together.”

Anna then mentioned how excited she is to have Abbie join their family and moving to Arkansas. She seemed to stumble a bit on what else to say, so Josh finished it up by mentioning their own 10 years of marriage and raising their brood of kids together.

On Tuesday, which was election day, Anna had urged people to vote on Instagram. She also posted a photo of her whole family in front of the polls in Arkansas. She wore a loose-fitting red dress in that snapshot.

Back in September, the 30-year-old former TLC star shared a Labor Day photo that got the whole pregnancy rumor started. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many people took to the comment section to ask if she was expecting another child. That time Anna Duggar responded saying that she was not pregnant, but that she was just overdue for a diet. That may just be the case this time as well.

That statement from Anna should have shut down those rumors, but they seem to be going strong with this current showing of her. If she is or does become pregnant with her and Josh’s sixth child, there will eventually be an official announcement from them as is always the case in the Duggar family.