Anna Duggar Could Be Expecting Baby No. 6, Photo Shows Same Dress She Wore In Her Last Pregnancy

Anna Duggar is back on social media posting photos of her family, and fans are eating it up. One recent post by the former reality star has raised some ruckus. It seems like an innocent snapshot of her kids, but you have to look close to figure out what people are talking about.

It appears that Anna just wanted to show off her five children on Instagram as they had apparently been visiting a place called Farmland Adventures located in Springdale, Arkansas. Several pictures were shared by the Duggar daughter-in-law including Mackynzie, Michael, and Meredith taking pony rides, and Marcus and Mason just hanging out having fun. However, it was the one family snap that has people talking.

The Duggar family posed for a photo on top of haystacks. Mackynzie is standing on the top haystack along with little brother Marcus. The haystack below them shows Michael sitting down with baby Mason on his lap. Meredith is standing beside him wearing a cute dress with Ugg boots. Anna said in the caption, “Hope you are having a #HappyLaborDay and spending it with ones you love most! We spent some time with family & friends at #FarmlandAdventures today!”

Josh Duggar also made an appearance in the pic with his family, which always seems to spark a debate in the timeline. Then there is Anna who is standing alongside her kids. She looks happy in the photo, but it’s the dress that she is wearing that is getting the attention of Duggar fans. She has on a blue flowery dress that looks a little suspicious. It could even be considered a maternity dress, or at least a very loose outfit.

As Cafemom pointed out, this is the same dress that Anna Duggar wore in a family photo when she was pregnant with her youngest, Mason. Some have come to the conclusion that she could very well be expecting her sixth child.

While many people encouraged the mom of five to leave Josh when he cheated on her, Anna has stuck by his side. She has said that she has forgiven her husband. They have been working on their marriage and happily raising their children together, according to her. It is likely that another baby will come along eventually, but it may be sooner than we think. Or she is just a repeat offender of loose-fitting clothes.

Little Mason just turned a year old, but all of their kids are only one to two years apart in age, so it is likely a baby could be on the way. However, Duggar fans are just speculating for now. If it is true, then an announcement will come soon enough.

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