Vanessa Hudgens To Star In Netflix Christmas Movie 'The Princess Switch'

Vanessa Hudgens will be playing a royal this holiday season, according to People.

The 29-year-old actress will be playing two different characters that look exactly the same in the new Netflix film, The Princess Switch. With a theme similar to that of The Parent Trap, the film will follow two very different women with very different lives who just so happen to bump into each other.

Hudgens will be playing the role of Stacy, a hardworking baker from Chicago living a relatively normal life. She will also be playing Margaret, a soon-to-be-married duchess from a town in the fictional European nation Belgravia. When Stacy visits Belgravia to take part in a prestigious Christmas baking competition, she crosses paths with the duchess. The two women will then decide to temporarily swap lives for two days after realizing they look exactly alike.

According to the trailer, Margaret is sick of being in the spotlight, lamenting that she "[wants] to know what it's like to be a normal girl" and predicting that "no one will notice." The trailer also shows a hesitant Stacy eventually agreeing to go along with the scheme. However, things will soon get complicated for both women when they realize there are aspects they prefer in their new lives and don't want to switch back.

Hudgens turned to Twitter to announce to her 7.3 million followers her upcoming role in the romance film.

"Christmas comes early this year!!!! Celebrate it with me...and me. You'll see what I mean," she said, alluding to her dual-part role.

The High School Musical star also posted a video to her Instagram story to promote the upcoming movie. In the festive clip, Hudgens is shown in front of a Christmas tree with a gift-wrapped box larger than she is. While she divulges new details about her upcoming project, she opens the box to find another box inside. She unwraps box after box until she eventually finds a tablet playing the trailer for her new movie.

She hints at the royal theme of The Princess Switch, saying that viewers will be taken away to a faraway place and where there will be both literal and figurative "snacks," joking about the attractive male actors that will be taking part in the film.

"We'll be traveling to a beautiful palace far, far away, where we'll be mingling with royalty. They say you can't be in two places at once. Well, this time there's an the trailer for The Princess Switch," said Hudgens.