'One Piece' Episode 860 Spoilers: Bege Goes On A Rampage At Cacao Island, Luffy Vows To Defeat Katakuri

JB Baruelo

One Piece Episode 860, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, started with Emperor Big Mom chasing Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy. Big Mom unleashed a very powerful attack that destroyed a huge part of Nuts Island. Luckily, before they were hit, Luffy found a mirror and escaped.

Luffy was left with no choice but to run away from his enemies since he still can't use his Haki. He continues to use Charlotte Brulee's power to avoid a fight with Charlotte Katakuri by jumping from one mirror to another. In the latest episode of One Piece, Brulee told Luffy that they already know about their plan to meet at Cacao Island. Brulee asked Luffy why he is still not heading to their meeting place. Luffy said that he first wants to defeat the pirate with a billion bounty before they leave the Whole Cake Island.

One Piece Episode 860 featured a flashback of Luffy's training with Silvers Rayleigh where the legendary pirate was giving a lecture about Observation Haki. Rayleigh said that the only thing he could do is to teach Luffy everything he knew about Haki. If he wants to improve his power, Rayleigh urged Luffy to fight tough opponents. Before engaging in another intense battle with Katakuri, Luffy is wondering if he can also learn how to slightly predict the future.

During their conversation, Oven insulted and threatened Bege. However, Oven has no knowledge that Bege is already preparing for an attack. To his surprise, a cannonball hit him in the face which made him fall into the vehicle transporting the cake to the port. Bege ordered his men to go at full speed without worrying that their ship might be destroyed. One Piece Episode 860 revealed that the Nostra Castello is an amphibious ship, enabling them to travel in both land and water.

As the Fire Tank Pirates continue to wreak a havoc at Cacao Island, an angry Oven stood up and vowed to burn the enemies alive. Vinsmoke Sanji finally decided to reveal himself and help put the wedding cake at Nostra Castello.

One Piece Episode 860 also featured the Strawhat Pirates being chased by Big Mom's ships. Jinbe ordered his friends to prepare for battle, but Carrot doesn't look like her normal self. Carrot looked at the sky, waiting for the moon to come out. The upcoming episode of One Piece is expected to reveal Carrot's powerful Sulong transformation.