‘Return To Amish’ Coming Back To TLC With New Episodes

Fans of Return to Amish will not have to wait much longer, as new episodes of the popular reality series will be airing come November. International Business Times reported that the show will return from a lengthy hiatus to its home on TLC.

Sabrina Burkholder, who almost succumbed to a near-fatal heroin overdose this summer, will still be featured on the show’s new season upon its return.

Also returning to the series will be Jeremiah Raber and Mary Schmucker, in addition to some new faces joining the cast.

Burkholder recalled the scary and life-changing incident in a Facebook post.

“A few days before my 32nd birthday, almost 2 months ago, Jethro and I were with our friend Sean in York County, PA. I was almost a year clean from heroin. For whatever reason that day, I was in a mood. We all were. Sean got some molly and some heroin. We did the molly and then Sean did some heroin and handed me a capful of it,” she noted in a social media post, according to IBT.

“I asked him if it was all for me because it looked like a lot. He was like ‘yeah happy birthday.’ So I mixed it up and shot it. I remember feeling very weird and that was my last conscious thought,” she explained of the episode.

Burkholder later revealed that her friend had performed CPR on her. Two doses of Narcan were administered to her by paramedics on the scene. Both actions may have contributed to having saved her life.

The troubled reality star also added that she believed that she died from the overdose — because she saw both her biological grandmother and her biological mother, and believed that she had gone to heaven before being brought back.

Original cast member Kate Stoltz will not be returning for the new season of the series, however.

Starcasm reported that Kate left the show in 2016 after accusing show producers of bullying and heavy-handed scripting of storylines. She continues to have success outside of reality television, graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She continues in her career as a fashion designer after working a stint as a model.

Starcasm also detailed that Rebecca Schmucker has confirmed that she and Abe — and their two daughters — would not appear in the fourth season of the series.

“We made the decision to no longer participate in being on Return to Amish,” Starcasm quoted Schmucker as saying.

“We are just normal everyday people trying to live our best life. We wish the best to the rest of the cast!” she allegedly said.

The members of the original Breaking Amish cast will continue to navigate life, balancing their traditional values and community with “new world” freedoms, and fans can’t wait — taking to Twitter to express their feelings.

During Season 3 of the series, the cast reunited in New York City — where Mary was worried that her youngest daughter, Esther, will be so tempted by the English ways that she would leave the Amish. Esther’s presence also brought to the surface some long-standing issues between her and Rebecca, issues which escalated into an epic argument.

Abe and Rebecca also struggled with their relationship, as she wants to get a job to help with the family’s escalating household costs and he is against it. Sabrina continued to fight for custody of her daughter, and Kate was struggling to juggle both schoolwork and a fashion internship.

Return to Amish debuts November 18 on TLC.

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