John David Duggar And His New Bride Abbie Grace Share Their Favorite Part Of The Wedding

The latest Duggar after-wedding video has arrived.

John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett.
Duggar Family / Duggar Family Facebook

The latest Duggar after-wedding video has arrived.

John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett are now husband and wife. They got hitched over the weekend in a romantic autumn wedding in the bride’s home state of Oklahoma. More details will emerge soon enough, but the two lovebirds did reveal their excitement on their new life together.

TLC just released a video of John David and Abbie right after they said their I do’s. Now that they are married, they certainly don’t have to be extra careful not to get too close to each other. Abbie is sitting on her new husband’s lap in her wedding gown while still holding onto her bouquet of flowers.

In the clip, they announce that they are husband and wife. He then asks Abbie how it feels to be a wife. She giggled and told him that it’s wonderful. The groom admitted that he had dreamed of his wedding to Abbie ever since they met.

The newest Mrs. Duggar revealed that her two favorite moments from the wedding were when the opening song was played and of course, their first kiss. Abbie called it, “John’s tender kiss.” He softly laughed when she said that.

John David said that he was filled with joy the first time he saw his bride walk through the church doors right before she walked down the aisle. He also noted that they are looking forward to spending their time together and serving God together. They will apparently have lots of time to spend together as they said they have nothing really scheduled for the next few weeks. Oh, except for the honeymoon, of course. Their eyes both lit up when that was mentioned.

This latest Duggar wedding took place in Ada, Oklahoma with their family and friends watching them take this new step in their lives. There are not too many details on the nuptials just yet, but what is known is that they had a breakfast buffet instead of a traditional dinner menu. Tables were set up inside of an airplane hangar at the local airport in Ada for the guests to enjoy the celebration.

Duggar fans are already excited just thinking about the pitter-patter of little baby feet soon for this couple. Abbie works as a nurse, but there has been no word yet on whether she will continue working after they get back from their honeymoon and get settled down.

You will be able to see John David and Abbie Duggar get married as TLC will be airing their wedding special on Tuesday, November 27.