No, ‘Hannah Montana’ Isn’t Coming To Netflix This Month

Rumors have been circulated on social media – particularly on Twitter – that Netflix would be streaming the Disney series Hannah Montana this month. Unfortunately, per What’s On Netflix, Hannah Montana isn’t scheduled for addition to the Netflix library.

Netflix And Disney Are Parting Ways

Arguably the biggest issue with this particular rumor is the fact that Hannah Montana is a Disney series. As most Netflix subscribers know by now, the streaming giant and Disney did have a contract. The contract, however, is coming to an end at the end of the year. By the time that January 1 rolls around, all Disney content will be pulled from the Netflix streaming library. Therefore it would not make sense for an older Disney series to begin streaming on Netflix so close to the end of the content agreement.

Where Did The Rumor Come From?

The rumor that Hannah Montana was coming to Netflix appears to have stemmed from a viral tweet posted by Twitter account @kkayofsunshinee. Posted on October 18, the tweet has since accumulated over 100,000 likes — and over 21,000 people have had something to say about the tweet.

Hannah Montana is coming to Netflix and that’s been the highlight of 2018 if that tells you anything about my year,” the Twitter user penned in the viral post. Because the individual did not link to any type of published content — or include any images — it is unclear where they sourced their information from.

As those who are familiar with Hannah Montana know, it has been off the air for almost a decade now. It had a four-season run spanning the years 2006 to 2011. Many believe that the continued contemporary musical relevance of Miley Cyrus is part of the reason why the series has retained such a massive and enthusiastic fan base, despite being an older show.

For those who have never seen the show, Hannah Montana tells the story of a girl named Miley Cyrus who lives two lives. While she is a pop sensation, she also lives a life as a normal teenager. During these latter segments, the plot hinges around her necessity to hide who she really is. The series focuses on the struggles of being a teenager with a secret identity.

As Netflix subscribers know too well, unsubstantiated rumors regarding certain high-profile content coming to the streaming giant’s library is a major problem — a persistent annoyance to regular audience members.

As the Inquisitr reported recently, rumors claiming that the Harry Potter movies were also coming to Netflix this month were wildly circulating on social media. Unfortunately, that rumor wasn’t true either. Some Twitter users expressed their displeasure over having been mislead by said rumors.

Hannah Montana does not currently have a streaming home. However, most suspect that it will land on Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

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