‘Harry Potter’ Movies Are Not Coming To Netflix, Here’s Why

Over the last few days, social media has lit up with excited Harry Potter fans sharing the news that all eight movies would be dropped into Netflix’s library next month. While the news was not an outright hoax or lie, it was not exactly true either. Keep reading to find out why.

According to What’s On Netflix, many media outlets have been reporting and publishing that all Harry Potter movies were coming to Netflix at the beginning of next month. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise caught wind of these reports and quickly started buzzing about them on social media.

What most media outlets and Harry Potter fans neglected to realize – or look into – was Netflix releases and gains rights to content by region. So, it becomes important to make sure the news you read about something coming to Netflix actually relates to your location.

So, while it is true Netflix has obtained some rights to stream the entire Harry Potter collection of movies, it is only true for a few regions. Netflix U.S., unfortunately, isn’t on that list.

What’s On Netflix reports it is only Belgium and France subscribers that will gain access to the entire Harry Potter franchise next month.

The rumors started to pick up steam after a tweet was posted from the verified Netflix profile (for Netflix FR & BE) featured a video clip that advertised (in French) that all eight movies would be coming to Netflix on November 1st.

So, Where Can You Watch Harry Potter?

Harry Potter has had a pretty permanent home with the collection of movies playing several times throughout the year on the ABC family network. Many fans of the franchise tend to plan their weeks around the marathons that air a few times a year on ABC.

Could Netflix Pick Up Harry Potter Later?

Unfortunately, Netflix U.S. picking up the Harry Potter movies at a later time is also unlikely as they are distributed by Warner Brothers and they tend to keep their movies housed on HBO. If you have an Amazon Prime or Hulu account, you can pay for the HBO extension/channel to watch all the movies.

Netflix subscribers in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, will need to look into NowTV or Sky to watch the Harry Potter movies.

Rumors have also recently swirled that Fantastic Beats would hit Netflix in the near future. Unfortunately, What’s On Netflix also speculates this is unlikely to be true. Fantastic Beasts also currently reside on HBO’s streaming service.

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