Author Stephen King Trolls Steve King: ‘I’m Tired Of Being Confused With This Racist Dumbbell’

Horror master Stephen King has a good sense of humor.

The accomplished author of many famous novels trolled his namesake and Iowa GOP congressman Steve King on Twitter on Sunday morning. Urging Iowans to vote out the incumbent congressman, who has a history of making racist remarks, King said he doesn’t want to be confused with the “racist dumbbell” anymore.

“Iowans, for personal reasons I hope you’ll vote Steve King out,” the author tweeted. “I’m tired of being confused with this racist dumbbell.”

Steve King, who was believed to have the upper hand against Democrat J.D. Scholten for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, suddenly finds himself in the midst of a tight race following last week’s Pittsburgh synagogue shooting by anti-Semite Robert Bowers. The shooting prompted a renewed scrutiny of Steve King’s history of making racist remarks, as well as his support of white nationalist figures. His recent remarks to a publication associated with neo-Nazis led to a remarkable rebuke by the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Steve Stivers, who called the Republican’s remarks tantamount to hate speech.

“We must stand up against white supremacy and hate in all forms, and I strongly condemn this behavior,” Stivers wrote.

In an unprecedented move, the New York Times issued a correction of its report on Steve King on Saturday, updating his remarks from being “racially tinged” to “racist”, as reported by the Hill.

While Steve King was leading his opponent J.D. Scholten handsomely a few weeks ago, his latest remarks and endorsement for a Toronto mayoral candidate who had previously recited the 14-word manifesto used by neo-Nazis has seen his lead being cut to a single point. Since the results of the poll became public, Scholten has received donations amounting to $641,000, a figure which many believe will help him oust Steve King from Congress.

Meanwhile, a number of King’s sponsors also dropped out after his inflammatory remarks, with at least three large agricultural companies that supported the Iowa congressman — Land O’Lakes, Purina, and Smithfield — retracting their financial contribution to his campaign. AT&T also announced that it will no longer continue to support him. Even publications which previously supported King from his deeply-red rural Iowa communities are now distancing themselves from him.

With just two days to go before the midterms, the race for the Congress is heating up, and Stephen King’s timely reminder might go a long way in upsetting his namesake.