Steve King’s White Nationalist, Nazi Endorsements Lead AT&T and Purina To Cut Ties

Alex WongGetty Images

The prospects of Congressman Steve King’s future in American politics are continuing to unravel, with AT&T becoming the latest company to announce that it is will cease any further contributions to his campaign for re-election to the House of Representatives on the heels of his association with white supremacist officials in the international political landscape.

The Washington Examiner reports that the telecommunications giant’s political action committee made the public aware of its collective decision to disassociate from King by way of a pair of posts released via the company’s Public Policy Twitter account on Friday, November 2. The tweets confirmed that the AT&T employees who oversee disbursements reviewed King’s recent expressions of solidarity with former Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy and the far-right Austria Freedom Party and came to the determination that “further support of Rep. King would not be consistent with one of our core values …’Stand for Equality.'”

As has been the case with King in the United States over the years, Goldy is a media pundit whom many Canadians have come to know for espousing Islamophobic and anti-immigration viewpoints. Her remarks on migrant people of color being detrimental to the future of the white population in the North American country have led to her being popular on such platforms as the far-right Rebel Media outlet and the now defunct Daily Stormer publication.

King would draw a wave of criticism after he endorsed Goldy for Toronto mayor in a mid-October tweet that touted her as “pro Rule of Law, pro Make Canada Safe Again, pro balanced budget, &… BEST of all, Pro-Western Civilization and a fighter for our values.” But the Iowa representative has aligned himself with such anti-multicultural ideologies for so long that the move didn’t come as much of a surprise. To his misfortune though, a report came out just before the murder of 11 worshipers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, revealing that King had met with the Nazi-associated Austria Freedom Party on an August trip, one funded by a Holocaust memorial group, no less. His campaign has been reeling since.

AT&T’s decision comes just days after the Inquisitr reported on news of Land O’ Lakes announcing that it would no longer fund the King campaign. Purina has also come out to condemn the congressman, and colleagues within his own party, such as Sen. Jeff Flake, are going so far as to declare that they are supporting his Democratic challenger, J.D. Scholten, over him in Tuesday’s election.

This, as the Hill reports that Scholten’s campaign has been able to raise $900,000 over the past week’s time.