Thomas Ravenel Is Defended By Former ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Member Landon Clements

Despite parting ways with Bravo in a similar style as Thomas Ravenel, Landon Clements is still willing to weigh in when the tea is especially hot. But it took six months for the divisive former cast member, who was also rumored to have attempted a romance with the father of two, to weigh in on the violent accusations against Ravenel. So why now, and why has she chosen to say that she can’t imagine him having enough rage to hurt someone?

US Weekly caught up with Landon recently and asked about her thoughts on Thomas Ravenel’s arrest on charges that he violently assaulted the family nanny, as well as paid off another woman in an alleged similar attack. The one-time travel blogger said she didn’t want to say too much about a pending case, but she was emphatic that Ravenel could never hurt anyone.

“I know in my heart that Thomas is a good person and whatever happened, happened. I wasn’t there that night. But I can’t imagine that he would ever hurt anyone.”

Clements wished her words could clear Thomas of the charges, but it must go through the Charleston court system.

“I will let the courts take care of it, I suppose.”

Clements, like Ravenel, did not leave the show on a good note with many of the cast members. She seemed to have burned her bridges with college friend and longtime crush Shep Rose and has since been rejected by Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul who partially blames Landon for portraying Kathryn Dennis with a scarlet letter. Altschul says that Ravenel and Clements were a tag team in smearing Dennis, says Bravo.

“For one thing, I have not taken my information from Thomas [Ravenel], who had always been my source of information about Kathryn, backed up by Landon [Clements]. This year I didn’t; I listened to Whitney and to Shep [Rose]. And I actually saw her on the show. The evolution of her on the show and that’s what made me interested and anxious to get to know her better.”

But maybe some time on the West Coast has helped Clements forget some of Thomas Ravenel’s more violent outbursts, like the notorious “dinner party from hell” which sent nearly all of the former politician’s dinner guests running out into the street as Ravenel screamed at them, nearly coming to blows with Shep Rose, per a previous report from Inquisitr.

Fans were reminded this season of the way Ravenel raged at Clements at that dinner party when he turned on Chelsea Meissner on the ferry back from Daufuskie Island, causing Austen Kroll to put himself between his ex and Ravenel.

There was silence among supporters of Ravenel over the last six months since the Charleston Police announced their investigation into the assault charges, but since his mugshot was released, now Clements comes forward to say that the former politician, who previously served 10 months in a federal prison, couldn’t hurt anyone.

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