Prince Harry Reportedly Shouted At Staff Before Royal Wedding: ‘What Meghan Wants, She Gets’ Per ‘The Sun’

A new royal book called Charles at Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes And Dreams makes new claims about Prince Harry during the weeks leading up to the royal wedding. While all appeared good and calm, a biographer noted that “The weeks leading up to the wedding had been far more tense for both Harry and Meghan than most people realised.”

Of course, that’s not entirely shocking, considering that over a billion people watched him get married to the love of his life, as his relationship with Meghan captured the hearts of fans worldwide. So it may have been due to the stress of one of the biggest weddings recently, or perhaps something personal, that pushed Harry to the edge. After all, he reportedly shouted at staff on multiple occasions that “What Meghan wants, she gets,” detailed the Sun. Whatever the drama and hectic nature of the days leading up to the wedding, however, none of it reflected on the day they were married.

It probably didn’t help that the rumblings of the Markle family’s debacle were just making itself apparent, as Meghan’s dad Thomas sold photos of himself to the paparazzi. While at first Thomas told Prince Harry that he knew nothing of it, it was eventually let out that the dad has been paid for the staged pictures. Eventually, the Duchess’ dad had to give up the opportunity to walk his daughter down the aisle, as he unfortunately suffered from a heart attack and required surgery.

Since then, it’s already been a long road with the Markle family, who is constantly giving new interviews and likely embarrassing Meghan over and over again. Even her nephew, Tyler Dooley, has pointed out that it’s been embarrassing for him to witness the family drama. Tyler was bold enough to also add that his dad, Thomas Jr. and aunt, Samantha, are “not nice,” described the Inquisitr.

At the same time, Thomas has allegedly been trying to contact the Duchess anew, even reaching out to the Archbishop of Canterbury for help, according to the Daily Mail. This is what a source revealed.

“Thomas says the Markle blood will be as much in the child’s veins as the ‘blue blood’ of the royals and he has ‘rights’. He admits mistakes but with Meghan pregnant, he is desperate to heal the rift.”

For now, the family rift seems to be the same as before. However, with Meghan and Harry’s first baby on the way, fans can only hope that the drama gets resolved one way or another.