Cesar Sayoc Reportedly Had Long List Of Potential Targets, More Than 100 People On His Radar

Broward County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

The man allegedly behind sending more than a dozen pipe bombs to prominent figures around the country reportedly had put together a list containing more than 100 people he considered to be potential targets. Cesar Sayoc Jr. made his first appearance in court on Monday in Florida and he is expected back in court again on Friday.

According to NBC News, the list that Cesar Sayoc Jr. created had dozens of names of entertainers, media figures, and politicians on it. Law enforcement officials will be contacting each of the people on the list to inform them of what they have learned.

Law enforcement is said to have started reaching out to these various organizations and individuals on Monday to alert them. In fact, the New York Times reports that they have been told one of their editors was on Sayoc’s target list.

Also on Monday, another package was uncovered in an Atlanta post office and it was reportedly addressed to CNN. That is now the 15th package of the sort that has been found in the past week. Law enforcement alleges that Sayoc mailed out his packages over the course of several days, with some potentially being sent out as late as last Thursday.

The Washington Post details that authorities will reach out to each of the people on Sayoc’s list so they can implement precautions as they check their mail in the coming days. Sources note that the list is made up of people and organizations similar to those who already received packages prior to Sayoc’s arrest.

Authorities are urging caution, as they believe it is possible that additional packages connected to Sayoc could still be circulating through the postal office. The package discovered on Monday, which is said to be similar to the other 14 alleged to have been mailed by Sayoc, is the third addressed to CNN.

The previous packages were addressed to former CIA director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper. However, this third one was apparently addressed simply to the news organization itself.

At this point, authorities are not revealing any details regarding who else was on Sayoc’s alleged target list. Some of those names will likely become public as the individuals are contacted and more information will emerge as Sayoc moves forward with future court dates.

Cesar Sayoc Jr.’s legal team has indicated that they will aggressively fight for their client in the months ahead and they are already discounting some of the evidence that led authorities to arrest him. The investigation continues to unveil chilling facts about the situation and there are surely additional revelations on the way.