‘Happy Together’ Brings Damon Wayans And Damon Wayans, Jr Together On Screen

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Freshman CBS sitcom Happy Together has aired just four episodes and it is already bringing on a special guest star to help boost ratings.

The funny series is about a pop star, Cooper James (Felix Mallard), who moves in with his accountant Jake (Damon Wayans, Jr.) and the man’s wife, Claire (Amber Stevens West), in an effort to escape the pressures of Hollywood and lead a more normal life.

While viewers have already become acquainted with Claire’s parents, Bonnie and Gerald (Stephnie Weir and Victor Williams), they have yet to see a member of Jake’s family.

That all changes on the episode airing Monday, October 29 — titled “Like Father, Like Son” — when Damon Wayans makes his debut appearance as Jake’s father Mike.

Yes, art is imitating real life as the actual father and son duo are portraying father and son on screen.

“[Jake] and his dad are best friends — they text and talk all the time,” explained the younger Wayans to TV Insider.

However, the episode explores what happens when Jake finds out that his beloved dad has been keeping a secret from him.

In real life, the 35-year-old actor said his 58-year-old dad is quite “nosy.”

"Happy Together" stars Damon Wayans, Jr. and Felix Mallard with guest star Damon Wayans sitting front row at a Lakers basketball game.
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The older Wayans was excited to work on a full-fledged comedy again since he has been starring in a drama, Fox’s Lethal Weapon, since 2016. And since his filming schedule didn’t allow him to rehearse with the Happy Together cast, his son was so happy that he “just knocked it out the park.”

While Wayans, Jr. has worked on popular TV programs in the past, like New Girl and Happy Endings, he said that his dad still gives him advice.

“He talks to me like I’m 16 sometimes, and I listen like I’m 16, too,” he revealed to TV Insider.

“He said once, ‘Comedy isn’t rocket science. Either it’s funny or it’s not. Don’t fake it too much.’ Also, ‘repetition is key.’ He’s said standup is the key to remaining funny.”

Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

As for other celebs popping up on Happy Together, NBA star Ben Simmons has already filmed an appearance, and Wayans, Jr. hopes he can find roles for his friends Jake Johnson and Wilmer Valderrama.

Making it even more of a family affair, Craig Wayans wrote the script for this particular episode of Happy Together. Craig is the son of Deidre Wayans, who is Wayans, Sr.’s sister. He has written scripts for some of his family members’ previous series, including Marlon, My Wife and Kids, and The Wayans Bros. He also co-created and co-starred in the 2013 BET series Second Generation Wayans.

Happy Together airs Monday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.