Meghan Markle Had An Adorable Reaction When Basketball Player Sneaked A Kiss On The Cheek At Invictus Games

The royal couple additionally shared the funny incident on their social media account.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attending Day 8 of the Invictus Games
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The royal couple additionally shared the funny incident on their social media account.

During Day 8 of the Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia, a basketball player gave Meghan Markle a little more than she bargained for when he sneaked a kiss on the surprised duchess’s cheek. According to People, the popular royal handled the episode with grace, and her adorable reaction at receiving the unexpected peck was to chuckle and return to her royal duties without batting an eye.

The errant kiss given to the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex took place at the wheelchair basketball final when the soon-to-be mom was handing out medals and congratulating athletes competing in the match. A Dutch athlete sneaked in the smack seen ’round the world as the royal highness made her way down the line congratulating and shaking hands with his team mates.

As she made her way to the enthusiastic man, he surprised her and planted the peck on her royal cheek. However, before you think badly about the gentleman, it’s customary to greet people with kisses in the Netherlands. The tradition even involves giving three kisses.

Luckily, the kiss only happened one time, or dad-to-be Prince Harry might have had to step in like he did during the first official day of the Invictus Games. That day, the Duke of Sussex was greeted with a bear hug by a sailor from the U.S. who literally lifted the 34-year-old prince off the ground during the strong embrace. Meghan Markle, per People, observed the shenanigans and commented, “Now that’s a hug!” She additionally chuckled, “Nicely done.”

Afterward, the sailor introduced himself to the Duchess of Sussex, and she shook his hand and gave him a much gentler hug. Apparently, the scene triggered Prince Harry’s fraternal instincts because he advised the man not to give his expectant wife the same type of hug he got. The sailor responded saying, “No, I know,” and laughed along with the cheerful royals.

To show that the peck that Meghan Markle received from the basketball player was all in fun, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared a short video clip of the occasion on the Kensington Palace Instagram account that they share with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Besides handling the unexpected kiss with grace, Meghan Markle chose to rock a maroon blouse by Australian designer Scanlan Theodore for Day 8 of the Invictus Games. She teamed the top with black slacks and high heels, and also topped the look off with a hairstyle that involved half of her hair being pulled back in a bun, while the rest of her dark locks flowed loosely below her shoulders. Meanwhile, Prince Harry sported an ebony Invictus Games-themed polo shirt and gray skinny-legged pants.