Meghan Markle Helped Create Jobs For Women By Just Wearing A Pair Of Jeans

Meghan Markle in Dubbo Australia
Ian Vogler / Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s fashion choices have helped bolster the bottom lines of several companies. Many of the items she’s worn have sold out within hours of her wearing them. But now there are reports that she’s helped create new jobs for economically vulnerable women just by wearing a pair of jeans.

Early on in the royal tour of Australia, Meghan visited the city of Dubbo in the Australian Outback. Given the rugged landscape and laidback nature of the engagements, Meghan dressed down, opting to wear a white shirt and a blazer by her friend Serena Williams’ brand, and jeans by Australian brand Outland Denim.

Outland Denim is a socially conscious company that employs seamstresses in Cambodia. In an interview with Hello! Magazine, Outland’s founder, James Bartle, said that “the Meghan effect” has generated so many sales that they’ve been able to hire even more seamstresses. Several of these women have escaped human trafficking which makes their employment even more significant.

“I never dreamed that the Duchess exposing us to the world would have such a dramatic impact, resulting in a minimum of 15 initial job openings, with the potential for 15 more,” he said.

This development is in line with the Duchess of Sussex’s focus on women’s rights issues. She was a U.N. Women Ambassador before she met Prince Harry and was involved in female-focused projects in Africa and Asia. A couple of days ago, she delivered a speech at the University of the South Pacific where she continued to advocate for the education of women in developing countries.

“Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive the education they want, but more importantly the education they have the right to receive,” she said. “And for women and girls in developing countries, this is vital.”

Prince Harry and Meghan markle in Dubbo Australia
  Ian Vogler / Getty Images

According to Bartle, Outland Denim’s sales rose by 1,000 percent in the 48 hours after Meghan wore their jeans. They also experienced huge growth in their Instagram followers because of “The Meghan Effect.”

Meghan and Harry with Farmers in Dubbo australia
  Chris Jackson / Getty Images

“My hope was for an increase in sales, of course, but more than that, it was for more people to learn about Outland Denim and the social change we are dedicated to,” he said to Hello! “So far it has been nothing but successful.”

Outland Denim hasn’t been the only company to experience huge sales thanks to the duchess’ fashion choices during the royal tour. Vogue UK reports that the polka dot maroon dress that she wore to travel to Fraser Island sold out soon after she wore it. The dress is by & Other Stories and retails for about $115 USD.