Jennifer Lopez Shares Jaw-Dropping Instagram Picture Of Her In Yellow Bikini

The singer shared the image to promote excitement for her new collaboration with singer Bad Bunny.

Singer Jennifer Lopez performs on stage.
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

The singer shared the image to promote excitement for her new collaboration with singer Bad Bunny.

Jennifer Lopez is having a pretty good week on social media.

Lopez sparked rumors of a possible engagement between her and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Sporting a sizable diamond ring, Rodriguez had posted a video of Lopez flaunting the bling while the two were at the World Series earlier this week, according to previous reporting from Inquisitr.

But someone close to Lopez said that she and the former ballplayer aren’t quite ready to tie the knot. “She’s been down the marriage road and doesn’t know if she wants to do it again… Everything is working out so well, she doesn’t want to jinx it or change anything,” an insider with knowledge of the two’s relationship said, according to AOL.

The post that sparked the rumors came from A-Rod’s account. But a post on Friday, from Lopez’s account, is sure to produce some buzz as well.

In the most recent posting, Lopez is sporting a yellow bikini, which she holds up with her two thumbs at the sides of her hips, helping to accentuate her famous curves — as well as her amazingly toned abdominal muscles. Although she’s not wearing the ring from Rodriguez’s posting, she does have some accessories, including a necklace that drapes over her bust, and some aviator sunglasses that lie hidden behind her bangs.

Fans of the singer may also notice the emojis and hashtags that she included in the post: Lopez put three rabbits in her post, as well as the tag #jloxbadbunny — alluding to a collaborative effort that she’s working on alongside reggaeton singer Bad Bunny.

It’s possible that the image which Lopez shared on Friday is a still from the music video involving the two singers. Lopez shared a similar video a week ago, the footage coming from the set with Bad Bunny while filming was in progress, according to reporting from Billboard.

Both Bad Bunny and Lopez have released recent collaborations with other artists. Bad Bunny dropped his song “Mia” featuring Drake, while Lopez released her last collaborative work “Dinero,” which she did alongside Cardi B and DJ Khaled back in May.

In addition to her Instagram post — and to ensure that fans on other social media sites could see the picture too — Lopez also shared her bikini-clad photo shoot with Twitter followers on Friday. She had a little bit of a different caption on that post, however, writing “It’s getting hot in here,” and sharing fire-flame emojis in the tweet, in addition to two bunny emojis.