Christian TV Host Rick Wiles Says Democrats Will Burn Churches, Kill Thousands Of Christians After Midterms

'They immediately kill the pastors. They immediately kill Christians. They immediately burn the churches.'

rick wiles says democrats will burn down churches and kill pastors
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'They immediately kill the pastors. They immediately kill Christians. They immediately burn the churches.'

Rick Wiles, a Christian TV and radio host and YouTuber, warned on Thursday that if Democrats win the mid-term elections, Christians can expect to have their churches burned and pastors murdered by angry mobs.

“These people are against God.”

As Right Wing Watch reports, Wiles went on his TruNews radio/YouTube show on Wednesday night to offer his dire predictions to his supporters if they don’t prevent Democrats from taking over the House and Senate in the upcoming November mid-term elections.

He started by “prophesying” that if the Democrats take over, Christians will die “by the thousands.”

“This Marxist-communist Antichrist revolution that is in full bloom in the United States of America, this thing is anti-Christian.”

He also pointed out his belief that leftists “love to” abort babies and “promote sexual immorality.”

But his most dire prediction was one of death and destruction for America’s Christians. Simply put, he says, if Democrats (whom Wiles refers to as “Marxist-communists”) take over Congress, Christians will die in the streets and their churches will be burned.

“Their enemy is not the Republican Party… Their enemy is the church. They’re coming against the church and I’ve been warning people for years and years and years—you better get ready, you better be prepared, if these people ever get power, they’re going to slaughter tens of thousands of pastors, tens of thousands of Christians.”

In the way of evidence for his assertion, Wiles pointed to history, saying that every time “Marxist-communists” have taken over a country, the first item on their agenda was to destroy churches, imprison Christian leaders, and persecute Christians.

Wiles is not the first Christian preacher to make a similar claim. As Dead State notes, former 700 Club host and disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker also predicted that liberals are “gonna begin to kill the Christian leaders in this country.” As of this writing, no such thing has happened.

In fact, the notion that a Democratic leadership in Washington will lead to mass death and persecution of Christians is something of a theme among right-wing broadcasting, says Dead State writer Sky Palma.

As for Wiles, Wednesday’s prediction was hardly the first time he has made a bold and terrifying claim, the vast majority of which have failed to pass. For example, last summer Wiles predicted that Donald Trump would soon be kidnapped from the White House and then beheaded, all in a plot orchestrated by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. That, of course, did not happen, and as of this writing, no law enforcement agency has turned up any evidence of such a plot ever having existed.