Robert Mueller Believes Roger Stone Pal Jerome Corsi Knew Of 2016 Wikileaks Email Drop In Advance, Report Says

Jerome Corsi, a friend of longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone, knew ahead of time that Wikileaks would release thousands of illegally hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails during the 2016 presidential election campaign, and Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence to prove it, according to a new NBC News report.

If indeed Mueller can demonstrate that Corsi — a former Washington D.C. “bureau chief” for the far-right conspiracy site InfoWars, according to The Hill — knew about the emails stolen by Russian hackers before they became public, that would put evidence of collusion with Russia in the election just two steps removed from Trump himself.

Corsi, now 72, is a prominent author of conspiracy-theory books that often target top Democratic politicians. In 2004, he had a Number One bestseller, according to The Washington Post, with his book Unfit for Command, which sparked the “Swift Boat” attacks on Democratic 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry, claiming that Kerry had lied about events during his military service in Vietnam.

In 2011, as CNN noted, Corsi published Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President, establishing the “birther” conspiracy theory — the bogus claim Obama was not born a United States citizen — that first established Trump as a national political figure.

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Conspiracy theorist and Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi.

According to Thursday’s NBC report, Mueller has investigated for “months” whether Corsi knew in advance about the release by Wikileaks on October 7, 2016, of thousands of emails illegally obtained by Russian hackers from the account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. A July indictment handed down by Mueller and the U.S. Justice Department identified the Russian hackers behind the Podesta leak.

But now, “Mueller’s office has obtained communications suggesting that (Corsi) might have had advance knowledge that the emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman had been stolen and handed to WikiLeaks,” NBC News reported.

As Inquisitr reported Wednesday, Mueller is believed to have recordings of Stone bragging about his connections to Wikileaks. While Mueller has not questioned Stone, Corsi and numerous other Stone associates have been called to testify before a Washington D.C. grand jury as part of Mueller’s investigation.

One Stone associate told NBC that Mueller’s investigators questioned him “for hours,” adding, “they think they’re on to something.” But NBC’s source said that when Corsi was questioned about his advance knowledge of the Podesta leak by Wikileaks, the conspiracy author claimed he had simply “figured it out on his own.”

In 2017, when Corsi was working for InfoWars, he claimed to have been given official press credentials by the Trump White House. But according to The Hill, Corsi was fudging. In reality, he received only a “day pass” of the sort obtainable by almost anyone.