Here’s How You Can Turn Link Into A Rocket In ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Melee is a much-loved classic game that also happens to be nearly 17 years old. However, even though the game has been around for almost two decades, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still giving up new tricks.

According to Kokatu, a dedicated player has discovered a way to make Link a rocket during combat. The move, discovered by Joseph “Savestate” El-Khouri, “allows Link to blast off like a rocket using his own bombs.”

Savestate is a competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player. Having started playing competitively in 2015, he has since become well known in the community thanks to not only his playing ability but because he is the founder of smash.LIVE.

While playing in a competitive field, Savestate has remained faithful to a character that is not considered a high ranking character when it comes to combat ability. Sitting at a rank of 18 when it comes to power ranking, Link is a character first seen in the Legend of Zelda games. However, Savestate has remained true to this character and, over the years, has managed to discover plenty of tricks to help this character beat higher ranking characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The latest trick Savestate has discovered involving Link is something he has dubbed “The Bomb Rocket.”

So, how do you perform this move?

As stated in the tweet above, the trick is to use bombs to create a rocket-like version of Link.

“In addition to intentionally using a bomb to set it up, you can also Z drop a bomb after getting combo’d to throw off your opponent!” Savestate says. “Just like with bomb launching, the higher the %, the further you go.”

According to Kokatu, this trick uses Link’s “ability to stack two different types of velocities — knockback velocity from the bomb blast, and character velocity from The Hero of Time’s own movement — in order to launch himself upwards at tremendous speed.”

While it may be tricky to set up, Savestate says there are instances where this trick is particularly handy. When playing against a Peach or Jigglypuff player who likes to float around the top of the screen, this new move could be considered helpful. It could also be used when trying to get your opponent to guess your next move. In addition, it could be used in a “doubles match that would allow Link to continue a teammate’s combo after they send an opponent skyward.”

And, it is these sorts of discoveries still being made in Super Smash Bros. Melee that Savestate loves about the game.

“The game is special in that you have a lot more breathing room than other fighting games to try strange or unorthodox tactics that aren’t ‘good’ on their own, but contextually, can be a surprise that gives the performer a situational advantage,” Savestate told Kotaku.