Drake Reveals That He Still Texts His High School Teacher

Drake has revealed a secret about himself that is positively sweet, according to reports from E! Online.

No matter how many hit records the entertainer has accrued on his journey toward becoming one of the biggest musical performers in the world, Drake still takes the time to reach back to those who only knew him as Aubrey Graham, including his former high school teacher.

The revelation came from a text that Drake received from his teacher to congratulate him over breaking another record, this one being the 12th Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 track in 2018, putting Drake ahead of the Beatles for most top 10 tracks in a single year.

His teacher was full of support in his text, typing, “WOW!!!! That’s pretty incredible! I often wonder what your 16/17 self would think. Pretty awesome! Congrats!”

Drake was quick to respond with a nostalgic joke, saying, “I don’t think my 16 or 17 year old self would comprehend I would just want a Nestea and to figure out how I can turn my 61% into a 73% ASAP.”

Based on the result of Drake’s high school career, which saw the now 31-year-old rapper dropping out of high school to pursue his acting dream, those grades didn’t appear to receive their bump up. Drake spent six years starring on the teenage drama Degrassi before moving into the music career that made him a superstar.

Drake did eventually go back to finish what he started and finally secured his high school diploma in 2012. Still, even though it didn’t end well, Drake was clearly thrilled to hear back from one of his favorite teachers.

However, an achievement like what Drake has accomplished is hard to ignore, as the Inquisitr covered. Making his most recent appearance due to the track he is featured on with Bad Bunny “Mia,” which debuted in the fifth spot on the charts, Drake has solidified himself as a generational hitmaker as he moved beyond one of the most iconic bands of all time. With more than two months left in the calendar year, the only competition Drake has left is himself in his busy 2018.

While many would have expected him to relax and bask in the success of June’s Scorpion album, Drake proved he was far from finished, spending October alone joining Lil Baby and Gunna on “Never Recover,” French Montana on “No Stylist,” and Quavo on “Flip the Switch,” along with the Bad Bunny single. Drake even made some time for non-music related endeavors, appearing on NBA star Lebron James talk show The Shop.

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