‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Gets Help From Jason, Elizabeth Stumbles Upon A Shocker

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There’s a lot of enticing stuff on the way during Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that not only will Ava continue her path back to her evil side, but Elizabeth will come across something frightening and Kristina will need some help from Jason.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, word will be spreading in Port Charles that Nina’s child lived and that Sasha is her biological daughter. Kiki will soon meet Sasha and it sounds as if they’ll start to bond, but Ava will see this as a potential opportunity to shake things up for her daughter.

Viewers saw during Monday’s show that Kristina was drinking tequila out of a bottle on a park bench after a disappointing phone conversation with Parker. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps share that Jason will save the day by seeing Kristina in rough condition and he’ll help get her home to Sam.

Kristina has been feeling lost over the end of her relationship with Parker and seeing her drunk like this will surely have Sam feeling concerned. She’ll have some advice to offer her sister, and it seems likely that both women will probably try to keep Alexis from learning about this incident. Sam will be grateful to Jason for his help in yet another moment of these two reflecting on their deep connection.

The Twitter preview for Tuesday’s show hints at a potentially big development going down at General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Elizabeth will be screaming for help after she sees something frightening.

What is it that scares Liz so badly? Many people are speculating that Ryan may have just claimed the first victim of his new reign of terror, but that hasn’t been revealed for certain yet.

Laura saw the creepy list that Ryan had been making in “his” office and she will confront him about possibly needing help. Of course, she thinks she’s talking to Kevin and it seems she’ll worry that Kevin is obsessing over the anniversary of his brother’s previous misdeeds.

Ryan will have to do some scrambling to explain the list and what’s had him so distanced from Laura. Given the General Hospital spoilers about Elizabeth stumbling across something bad, fans wonder if he’ll be taking his frustration out on some unwitting bystander at the hospital.


Fans are anxious to know what has Liz seemingly so panicked, but many are noting that these previews often turn out to be quite misleading. Elizabeth’s reaction seems to be one of genuine terror, but whatever happened may not be connected to Ryan and what people assume is a new round of murders about to begin.

Tuesday’s show also brings a tough moment with Oscar telling Kim and Drew about his plans to emancipate himself and this certainly won’t go over well with them. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Drew will confide something in Elizabeth, and it’ll be interesting to see where that fits into things.

Who will be the one to figure out that Ryan is impersonating Kevin and will anyone die before his scheme is uncovered? How far will Ava go to try to destroy Kiki and Griffin? General Hospital spoilers suggest that these storylines will be getting wild and crazy in the days ahead and viewers won’t want to miss what’s on the horizon.