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Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Tuesday’s Show Brings Kiki & Sasha Together, Ava Soon Sees Opportunity There

Stacy Carey - Author

Oct. 22 2018, Updated 11:47 a.m. ET

Teasers have suggested that there are wild things to come soon involving Kiki and Ava and General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show reveal some hints. Ava remains beside herself over what’s happened between Kiki and Griffin and now new sneak peeks detail that she will soon see Sasha as someone she can use to gain revenge against her daughter.

As viewers have seen, Valentin convinced Sasha to stay in Port Charles for a little while longer to get to know Nina better. General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode detail that Nina seemingly will tell Ava that her daughter lived and Valentin is there during this conversation as well.

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The sneak peek for the week shared via Twitter reveals that quite soon, Sasha will be introduced to her half-sister Kiki for the first time. While Sasha and Kiki will surely have plenty to talk about, General Hospital spoilers tease that Sasha will at least momentarily be checking out Griffin’s physique as well.

Sasha’s glance checking out Griffin won’t go unnoticed by Ava. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will quickly decide that she can use this to her advantage. She’s desperate to destroy both Kiki and Griffin for what she feels was a grave betrayal, so it looks as if she’ll try to orchestrate something happening between Griffin and Sasha to hurt Kiki.

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During Tuesday’s show, Kiki will tell Griffin that the only way to deal with her mom is to face her head on. Sadly, that’s not necessarily how Ava operates herself and Kiki may soon find herself stunned by how low her mother will sink to try to hurt her.

Will Ava really stoop this low? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that Ava will be struggling this week to resist temptation. She has worked hard to become a better person than she used to be, but it seems this devastation regarding Kiki and Griffin may send her down a path of evil impulses again.

There has been speculation among fans that the character of Kiki may soon be killed off, perhaps with Ryan killing her and potentially setting Ava up to take the fall. It’s not confirmed yet that Hayley Erin is leaving the role of Kiki, or that the character will be killed. However, there are clearly some dark twists and turns ahead.

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Viewers will be curious to see Kiki and Sasha together, as many General Hospital fans still think there is a twist of some sort on the way regarding this storyline that has Sasha turning out to be Nina’s biological daughter. Many people expected Kiki to be that daughter and the revelation that Sasha is the one has seemed far too convenient to most viewers. Teasers also note that Nina will be facing more heartbreak of some sort soon, and it sounds as if there are some unexpected developments on the way involving these characters.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers to see where things seem to be headed next for this Ava, Griffin, Kiki, and Sasha combination of characters. Viewers keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and teasers hint that the November sweeps may be where some explosive revelations emerge.


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