Supermodel Gisele Bündchen Shares A Stunning Instagram Photo From New Ad Campaign

Gisele Bundchen in new Brazilian cosmetics ad campaign
Scott Gries / Getty Images

It’s easy enough to believe that any ad campaign which features Gisele Bündchen might instantly get some major attention, and that’s the reason why many big companies across the globe are eager to hire Gisele as the face of their brand.

Gisele, who has been one of the highest-paid models in the world since hitting the scene in a big way in 2004, was recently featured in an advertising campaign for O Boticário – the second largest cosmetics company in Brazil, per Cosmetics BR.

The 38-year-old stunner never seems to age, as can be seen in her latest Instagram picture. The picture in question was captured as part of O Boticário’s campaign.

In the photo, Gisele looks absolutely stunning in a white top that displays her gorgeous neckline. She accessorized her look with a pair of large gold hoop earrings, letting her hair flow freely. As for her makeup, she chose a shimmery shade of mauve lipstick, pairing it with bronze eyeshadow which appropriately accentuated her beautiful blue eyes.

Within an hour of having gone live, Gisele’s Instagram share had received more than 132,000 likes and close to 1,000 comments. Fans loved her youthful appearance, praising this Brazilian beauty for her amazing looks.

“My role model for life!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!” one of her fans wrote on the picture. Another fan from Germany praised Gisele for her appearance, and appreciated her for being an environmentalist.

“You [are] the most powerful beauty I have ever seen…Love your spirit…your courage…your style…keep on rocking the ‘green’ carpet.”

O Boticário also posted a picture of Gisele from the ad campaign on their Instagram page. There, the stunning model is seen sitting in a salon to get her makeup done.

In this photo, Gisele is pictured wearing a white robe with a V-neck that showcased her long neck and provided a glimpse of her bust. She let her hair down and tilted her face for the picture — which made her statuesque jawline more prominent.

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Apart from being busy with her modeling campaigns, Gisele also recently attended a talk with famous journalist Anderson Cooper at the Mindfulness in America Summit. The summit was designed to create a mindful society through talks, interviews, small group exercises, and meditations in the areas of education, politics, healthcare, and more. Details pertaining to the meeting were demarcated in greater detail on the summit’s website, titled wisdom 2.0.

Gisele was one of 13 well-known speakers at the event, and was invited to speak as a model, author, and environmental activist. Her session was entitled, “Lessons from Creating a Meaningful Life.”

“I’m excited to speak at Mindfulness in America and explore together how we can create a more conscious and loving world.”

Other prominent speakers at the event included Arianna Huffington of HuffPost, Mark Bertolini of Aetna, Karen May of Google, Jesse Israel of the Big Quiet and Congressman Tim Ryan.