Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals She Never Wanted To Marry Will Smith And Cried On Their Wedding Day

Jada Pinkett Smith, wife to actor Will Smith, confessed on her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk that she never wanted to marry her husband and that their wedding day was extremely difficult for her, reports The Sun.

The 47-year-old actress and the Seven Pounds actor have been married since 1997 and have two children together, Jaden, 20, and Willow, 17. For the interview on the web chat show, where three generations of the family's women discuss world issues, Jada sat down with her husband and mom Adrienne Banfield-Norris and looked back at their wedding day.

At the time, Jada was pregnant with Jaden and going through a "horrible" pregnancy, which made it that much more difficult to get excited on her big day.

"I just knew I never wanted to be married. My first trimester was horrible. And I was so upset that I had to have a wedding. I was so p***ed. I went crying down the freaking aisle, I cried the whole way down the aisle."
She went on to explain that she didn't agree with the concept of marriage and the traditions that go along with it.
"I just never really agreed with the construct. I still don't. Til death do us part is real for me, but all of the rules and all of the ideas. This title "wife," the accepted conventional definition of wife in the paradigm - I'm not that."
During the interview, Jada's mom apologized for pressuring her into marrying while Will admitted that he felt completely different from his wife and that he had always dreamed of getting married.
"There wasn't a day in my life that I wanted anything other than being married and having a family. From literally 5-years-old, I was picturing what my family would be."
Despite their differing feelings on marriage and the rocky wedding day, the couple has been going strong over the past 20 years and have raised their two children together.

In the same interview, Will spoke about a rough patch in his marriage when he and Jada hit rock bottom and he felt like he was "failing miserably." Will and Jada were also joined by their daughter Willow during the chat.

At one point the Hitch actor addressed Willow directly.

"There was a period where mommy woke up and cried 45 days straight. I started keeping a diary. It was every morning. I think that's the worst I've ever felt in our marriage."
During the show, the couple also revealed that they no longer call themselves "husband" and "wife" but instead define themselves as "life partners."