'Shameless' Star Jeremy Allen White's Girlfriend Addison Timlin Had A Baby Girl, The Couple's First Child

Shameless star Jeremy Allen White and long-time girlfriend actress Addison Timlin, both 27-years-old, are the proud new parents of a baby girl. They welcomed their bundle of joy into the world on Saturday and announced the news on Timlin's Instagram account with two photos. One showed White looking at his new daughter in his arms while smiling, and the other was a photo of Timlin laying with her eyes closed while the little one lay on her chest. The caption announced the newborn's name - Ezer Billie White.

As noted by E! News, the couple's announcement about Timlin's pregnancy was a special cause for celebration as they shared the good news with the world on the actress's 27th birthday. On the same day, White posted a sweet photo of a door covered with pictures of them and his girlfriend's sonogram and a "Happy 1st Mother's Day" card. They have each shared their constant excitement about the arrival of their first child with lots of photos of Timlin's baby bump. One featured the couple on the turf at Wrigley Field while White kissed a smiling Timlin's belly. In a photo posted by the new mother early this month, she stood next to actress Dakota Johnson who held a bowling ball in front of her stomach to mimic Timlin. With that photo, the expectant mother announced that Johnson would be a godmother to her first child.

White spoke to People in September about how he was feeling about becoming a father soon.
"I just want to meet her. I'm just excited to have her. I'm excited to take her home."
He already had plans for the little one for its first holiday season.
"We are going to take her home to New York for the holidays and my parents will get to meet her. It's their first grandchild. Seeing my parents see her will be incredible."
As if being new parents isn't going to take up enough of their time, both White and Timlin have busy schedules ahead of them. The Season 9 mid-season finale of Shameless aired October 21, and on November 2, White's new television series Homecoming that also stars Julia Roberts will premiere. Timlin has multiple movies set for release in coming months including Fish of the Seven Seas, When I'm a Moth, and Sleeping in Plastic.

White and Timlin were close friends for a long time before becoming romantically involved and starred in the 2008 movie Afterschool together.