Simon Cowell Admits He Never Changed His Son Eric’s Diaper

Music mogul Simon Cowell had a child later in life. He also brought his son into the world in a pretty unconventional manner.

As the Inquisitr reminded us in a piece earlier this month, Cowell’s relationship with his partner, Lauren Silverman, started out as an affair while she was still married to her husband. The relationship ultimately shifted from an affair to a relationship when news broke that Silverman was pregnant and the child was not her husband’s, but Simon’s.

While Simon is heading toward 60, the America’s Got Talent judge also recently revealed had an interest in having additional children as he couldn’t imagine his world without his four-year-old son, Eric. According to Daily Mail, the music mogul admitted during a very candid interview with Piers Morgan that there were a few fatherly duties he avoided.

During the interview, Cowell explained that he exclusively did “fun things” with his son while leaving the less exciting parenting tasks to his partner, Lauren. One huge confession Cowell made during the interview was the fact that he had never changed his son’s diaper while he was a baby.

Simon did reflect on a lot of sweet activities he participated in with Eric, including doing father and son activities for his birthday like getting yogurt together. Cowell added that he also enjoys swimming and riding quad bikes with his son.

Despite Eric being just four-years-old, Cowell revealed he spends a great deal of time chatting with his son and considers him to be his best friend.

The X Factor judge also opened up about just how close he came to quitting his career in show business because of the hectic demands of his personal life. In November of last year, Simon took a spill down some stairs in his London home that resulted in him reevaluating how he was currently living his life.

Simon has also openly put distance between himself and technology. He ditched his phone and social media and canceled upwards of 1,000 meetings to slow down the pace of his life, ultimately leaving more time for him to spend with his son.

“There was one morning a year or so ago when I woke up to 25 unread text messages and I thought, ‘I’m really not in the mood to read those today.’ So I left it a week and it went up to 200 unread messages,” Cowell said as he recalled his decision to ditch his cell phone.

Initially, Cowell only planned on turning his phone off for a month, just to get a break. A month passed, and he decided he didn’t really want to turn it back on.

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