Killer Monkeys Stone 72-Year-Old Man To Death With Bricks

Dharampal Singh was attacked on Thursday by a group of vicious monkeys that armed themselves with bricks and stoned him to death. The Times Of India reports that the 72-year-old gentleman was collecting dry wood for havan when the monkeys took to the trees and rained bricks down on him.

Singh was attacked by the aggressive simians in the Tikri village of Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh, and he sustained injuries on his head and chest. The elderly gentleman was taken to the hospital for treatment but later died there.

The monkeys involved in the attack obtained the bricks they used to kill Singh from a derelict structure.

The monkeys are considered a nuisance, and they make living hell, say the local populace. In Delhi alone, their populations have soared to approximately 30,000 unruly inhabitants, reports PRI.

The derelict monkeys break into cars, steal food and sometimes terrorize and kill people when they are in groups–or alone in the case of single monkeys attacking children.

Dharampal Singh’s family lodged a formal complaint with the police regarding the killing of their brother by the monkeys, but since the monkeys are a protected species, there is little that can be done.

Mr. Singh’s brother said the following.

“Monkeys threw more than 20 bricks at Dharampal on Thursday. Thrown from quite a height, the bricks were enough to kill him. These rogue monkeys are the real culprits and must pay for it.”

The police say the whole incident is a quandary and nothing can be done. They additionally declared Singh’s death an accident. A station officer at Doghat police station responded to the incident saying, “How can we register the case against monkeys? This will make us a laughing stock.”

Fatal attacks in the area are on the upswing, and rhesus macaques are mostly responsible for it. Wildlife experts said they didn’t know which breed of the monkeys attacked and killed Dharampal Singh, though.

In an effort to combat the attacks, some residents employ a group of monkey catchers known as langur men. The langur men use langurs to combat the rhesus monkey’s naughty antics. The langur is another monkey found in South Asia, and they are gray with ebony faces and ears. What’s more is that they have menacing three-inch canines in their business end — perfect for dealing with errant monkeys.

Pic of South Western langur.
South Western langur.Featured image credit: Charles J. SharpWikimedia Commons(CC BY-SA 4.0 )

The trouble with that approach is that it is illegal to own a langur, and the environment ministry cracked down on the practice in 2012. After that, anyone who owns, trades or hires out the Asian monkeys can face a serious jail sentence. The New Delhi Municipal Council who previously employed several langur men canceled their contracts. They were previously paid 10,000 rupees ($165 USD) monthly to patrol and protect the city from monkeys. However, a handful of the langur men reportedly continue to control monkeys with langurs.

For now, Dharampal Singh’s family is not satisfied with the police response, and they are writing to higher authorities to ask them to make the monkeys that fatally attacked him pay.