Who Is ‘B&B’s’ True Forrester Matriarch – Quinn Or Stephanie? Eric Forced To Choose

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Pam (Alley Mills) is opening some old wounds, and that sparks will fly between Quinn and Pam, according to Highlight Hollywood. Pam recently got engaged to Charlie (Dick Christie) and she is excitedly planning her wedding. She already asked and got permission from Eric (John McCook) to have the wedding at the Forrester mansion. Even though Quinn (Rena Sofer) wasn’t game and suggested many alternatives such as a medieval-themed wedding for this “unique couple, Pam insisted that the wedding be held at the Forrester house because of all the history that it represents.

Pam Pays Tribute To Her Sister Stephanie, The True Forrester Matriarch?

The back story is that Pam was Stephanie Douglas Forrester’s (Susan Flannery) sister. The formidable Stephanie was married to Eric and gave him the capital to start Forrester Creations. They raised their five children: Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), Felicia, Kristen, and Angela.

Despite the fact that both had affairs and Eric marrying Brooke and a host of other women, these two always seemed to end up back together. Eric was torn to shreds when Stephanie passed away of cancer, and many still regard her as the true Forrester matriarch, partly because she was such an astute businesswoman and made the fashion house what it is today.

Pam wants to marry Charlie in her sister’s former home underneath her portrait. Isn’t this a bit disrespectful towards Eric’s new wife? Or should Quinn just accept that Pam just wants to pay tribute to her sister and have her with her in some form on her wedding day? According to a She Knows Soaps poll, 53 percent (at publishing time) of the audience don’t find anything wrong with it, while only 22 percent find it disrespectful. Is this an indicator that most fans believe that Stephanie is the real matriarch?

The Significance Of The Forrester Matriarch Portrait

Bold and the Beautiful spoiler photos show that Quinn and Pam will get into a physical exchange when Pam removes Quinn’s portrait and tries to put up Stephanie’s. Quinn feels that she’s the matriarch as she is married to Eric.

It seems as if the portrait and its symbolism hold a deep significance to the Forresters. Viewers will remember that Ridge and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) had requested that Stephanie’s portrait to be hung when they got married. This certainly seems appropriate because Ridge was Stephanie’s son and he wanted his mother present at his wedding.

But B&B fans will also remember that Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) also vowed to have her portrait up at the Forrester mansion. She and Quinn also came to blows about it, but it seems as if Pam could not be bothered by this at all.

In fact, the Inquisitr reports that Pam will issue Quinn a threat. Quinn will make a remark about Pam’s mental instability and she will take offense. By the end of the week, Eric will need to step in to mediate things between the women. Spoilers also say that he will need to confront his own feelings.

One thing’s for sure, fans would love to see the crazies come out to play. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.