Prince Harry Dons Budgie Smugglers After Paralympic Athletes Gift Him The Swimming Trunks

Chris Jackson Getty Images

Prince Harry looked rather dapper as he donned a pair of budgie smugglers after a disabled sports presenter and two of the Australian Invictus Game teams gifted him a pair of the famous swimming trunks.

Dylan Alcott, the presenter, Matt Model, and Nicole Bradley presented the Duke of Sussex with a pair of the tiny piece of swimwear when they visited Harry at Admiralty House, the Governor General’s residence in Sydney.

According to Mirror, the trio had a private talk with Harry and they were delighted at the prince’s candor. Alcott, who is the host on ABC’s daily round-up of the Invictus games, described how Harry received the gift.

“We gave him a gift. One of the athletes, Matt, gave him a pair of budgie smugglers. And he put them on, over his jeans. It looks awesome.”

“He said, ‘Shall I put them on?’ We said, ‘One hundred per cent.’ So he put them on… Good on him.”

Alcott embodies the spirit of the Invictus games as a triple Paralympic gold medalist for both wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis. He was recently one of the guest speakers at an event hosted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and continued to elaborate about the budgie smugglers. He said that he thought Harry looked good in them and believed that Meghan would love them as well.

Alcott recounted the incident in his speech and also talked about meeting Duchess Meghan at Wimbledon before. He said that when he and the duchess met again, he told her that they had previously met. He said that he felt “pretty chuffed” when she affirmed that she remembered him as well.

Alcott also told his audience what it means to him when he talked about issues which impact the disabled community and knows that it will have a positive effect in normalizing these topics. He expressed his gratitude that Prince Harry provided a platform for him to be able to talk about these issues.

“To sit on the lawn, and just have a chat with him about some really important issues, like mainstreaming disability, talking PTSD – what he has done is normalized it a lot, so people feel comfortable. As someone who has had a disability my whole life, it really meant a lot to me to be able to say thank you. He is such a good bloke.”

The royal couple is currently scheduled to watch the Invictus Games on Cockatoo Island. The competition, which was created by Prince Harry, is an international multi-sport event where members and veterans of the armed services who were sick, wounded, or injured take part in the competition. The 2018 Invictus Games is hosted by Australia and 18 nations are participating in this event.

The Inquisitr reported that Meghan Markle, who has had an exhausting trip, was forced to take some rest on Day 6. However, the duchess and the baby bump are back at her husband’s side as she supports a cause so dear to him.